How to program YouTube Notifications on Android


YouTube It has become an important entertainment platform. Many people anxiously await new videos from their favorite channels while waiting for new episodes of television shows. So YouTube Introducing the icon of the bell icon ’that your favorite YouTuber pushes. This ensures you get notified as soon as a new video is posted. If you do, you may want to program it YouTube notifications so everything is sent at once.

Just like on television, most average people like dozens of different channels. Unlike television, although most channels do not have regular loading hours and times. So if you have turned on notifications for many different channels you will finally be bombarded YouTube Notifications all day long I've seen that happen to a lot of people around me.


So it is important to program YouTube notifications so they don't randomly bombard you with them. It not only helps you not to be distracted, but also makes it more useful. Because you receive notifications to see a YouTube videos don't work when you're in a meeting, for example. Your choice is to delay or ignore it, which can make you forget again. Or you can leave it on and mess up your notification tray.

Therefore, it is better to program YouTube notification the moment you know you are free to watch videos. For many people who could be at bedtime, for example. So here is how to program it YouTube notification

Schedule YouTube Notification

  1. Launching YouTube Android app
  2. Touchez your profile icon in the upper right corner.
  3. On the next page, select Configurations.
  4. Go to Notification.
  5. Touchez the text ‘Scheduled summary‘.
  6. Choose a time that is comfortable for you and touch Finished. Schedule YouTube Notification
  7. Then Touchez Scheduled summary switch to turn it on.

After setting the notification time, you will get everything you own YouTube notifications at the same time every day. Needless to say, you want YouTube notification to be activated to receive it. Go to Configurations > Request and notifications and play See all applications. Scroll down and select YouTube, I touched Notification and turn it on To show notification turn on

That is all! You have successfully programmed YouTube notification at the specified time. Now you will not receive random notifications at any time, but at the time you specified above. In addition, it will include all notifications. For example, when your subscription channel publishes a new video, when someone responds or likes your comment, etc. Also, all notifications will appear as a grouped notification. You can expand and read them all as individual messages simply by tapping the main notification.

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