How to put a widget on the home screen on Android

by Kelvin
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These days we are receiving a lot of news about the Spotify widget, due to the controversy of its elimination, which the company has had to retract. Widgets are presented as an option of interest in Android phones, which we can place on the home screen. Although many users do not know how to put one on the phone.


Many applications that we can use on Android have their own widget, which we will be able to place in this way on the home screen of the phone. The steps to choose which widget to use then in that case, among the options that are available, is something simple.

We have to press a blank space on the home screen, where there are no application icons. We keep pressed and we will see that the screen is modified slightly and at the bottom a small menu appears. In it is the Widget option, which we will click on in this case. The widgets of the applications that we have installed on Android, such as Gmail and many more will be displayed.

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We have to simply choose the one we want to place on the screen, then clicking on said widget. Simply click on the widget of the application that we want to place on the home screen of the phone. Or widgets in case we want to use more than one in this case.

Widgets usually take up a lot of space, so you may be forced to change the home screen on Android a bit, so you can adjust them. But it is a matter of playing a little with the location of each one, to take advantage of this space in the best way.

If at any time you want to delete any, you just have to press and hold on the widget and you will get the option to delete. Then you can remove it from the home screen of your Android phone. Putting or removing a widget is very simple, as you can see.

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