How to put in Facebook a legacy or heir contact to my account

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How to put in Facebook a legacy or heir contact to my account 1

Assign a contact as heir to my account Facebook

The users of Facebook In the United States they already had the possibility of assigning a contact as an heir for a few months, but now also in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe you can configure this type of user who will take care of our account Facebook once we have died, being able to turn our web profile into a kind of cyber memorial.

Until now Facebook it had a memorial account, but access or update was not allowed. From the most recent update, users who have been chosen to handle these sites can access and configure the different aspects of our account when they have inherited it.

How to put in Facebook a legacy or heir contact to my account 2

How does heir or legacy contact work?

When Facebook is informed of the death of a user, the account becomes a memorial and a management button appears in the account of the chosen contact. If they press on that button, the heir contacts can write a note in the timeline corresponding to the memorial, not in their personal account.

You can also configure the profile photo, the cover photo and the management of friends so that all people who want to can follow the comments that appear in this memorial, as well as leave greetings and others.

If you want all the photos and publications you took in Facebook are saved in another format, you can enable the option for your heir contact to download your legacy from Facebook. The only thing that these heir contacts cannot access will be your private messages, those messages cannot be seen by anyone else from your account.

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How to choose a legacy or heir contact in Facebook?

To choose your heir contact you have to access the Security configuration options, for this you have to go to Account Settings> Security> Legacy Contact and select your contact. In case you don't want to leave any contact in charge of your account, you can also ask Facebook, through the same menu, that you permanently delete your account once you have died.

It seems an issue that many do not pay attention to, but we must think that if we do not take care of leaving everything ready in our account, when we die maybe our photos and comments are still available to everyone, without the possibility of modifying anything. A legacy contact must be a user we trust and that we know that it will not do with our account things that affect our loved ones. As we have already mentioned, in case it does not convince you, you can always ask Facebook that erases all the information from your profile.

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