How to put "Profile Creator" on Instagram

by Kelvin

Until recently, many users used the company profile to be able to access some functions within the social network. But Instagram launched a while ago a new account mode called Creator Profile and today we show you how can you wear it.

This type of profile goes hand in hand with influencers and celebrities of all fields what do you want to do a more exhaustive tracking of your profile in Instagram. First of all, let's see what the Creator Profile brings and why it can be good to have one.

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What does the Creator Profile have that does not have a normal account?

There are types of users who use social networks as a work tool. Specially in Instagram, the relationships between influencers and brands flow constantly and it is important measure account health (number of followers, evolution, impressions …) and the impact of advertising campaigns.

  1. Instagram Creator Studio: is the new analytical tool that Instagram has launched to fill in the one we already have in Facebook. We can access from the same Creator Studio panel of Facebook and we will find detailed statistics and reports of audience and activity.

Web: Instagram Creator Studio

  1. Direct messages with filter: Influencers receive hundreds (or thousands even) messages every day. So that an important direct message is not lost in the sea of ​​fan messages, the Creator Profile will allow to differentiate from each other.
  2. Instagram shopping: tool dedicated to profiles that have a commercial profile. As, for example, the fashion ones that can label the products and go to the store to buy them.

How to convert a normal account to Creator Profile?

You just need to have an account at Instagram to establish yourself as a Creative Profile. The process is very short and in two minutes you will have it ready. Let's see how you can convert a personal profile into Creator Profile.

  1. Go to your profile Y click on the three stripes menu from the upper right.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Click on Configuration, the last option of all located in the lower right corner.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Now we enter Account.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. And at the bottom in blue we will have the option of Switch to creator account. We enter there.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Us will show the news and benefits that we receive when switching to this profile mode of Instagram.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Click on next and now it will show us a long list of options and categories to choose the profile that best suits us. Practically all professions that may be related to a Creator Profile are collected.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Once chosen, we will have the option of show professional category tag that we have chosen and contact information.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Click on Ready and we would already have our account with Creator Profile.

Access the Creator Profile analytics options in the application

As we have already mentioned, the Creative Profile offers some important advantages if we use Instagram in a professional way.

With them we can make a detailed monitoring of the evolution of our account and provides us with data like when is the appropriate time and day to post our pictures.

  1. We access our profile by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.
  2. We enter the menu of the three parallel lines in the upper right corner.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Click on the second option: Statistics.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

And here we access all reports about our account what Instagram provides:

  1. Content: here are the weekly publications, both of photos uploaded to the feed and of the Instagram Stories

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Activity: in the first part it shows us the times that have interacted with our profile. It can be to make a visit or to contact (if we have the option enabled). If we go down we find the accounts we have reached with our publications and the times they have been viewed.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

  1. Audience: Here we see a total balance of accounts between those who have followed us and those who have stopped doing so. We will also see an x-ray of our followers: the location, age, sexes and even a graph of time intervals and days on how many of those followers are connected.

Image - How to wear "Creator Profile" in Instagram

So is how can you put a Creator Profile on Instagram and use all the tools that the social network of the moment makes available to professional or advanced users.

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