How to put the full whatsapp profile photo without cropping

by Kelvin

Thanks to the various tools and tricks that come out day after day in the world of mobile telephony, it becomes increasingly accessible to fulfill our whims in any environment.

For example, we have all had the opportunity to have to choose a photo for the profile of our whatsapp, and finally when we have chosen one … It happens to us that we must crop it, and we don't like it much as the cropped image is finally.


This is something very common that usually happens in the users of this application, however thanks to some small tricks, it is very easy to be able to do this with some small tricks that we will mention next. Keep reading!

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WhatsApp profile picture without cropping Is it possible?

There are several reasons why WhatsApp, in repeated images, "forces" you to have to crop the photo to be able to center it as an image of your profile. The most common is that it is a Selfie, so the resolution of pixels of width and height of the screen are usually greater than the rear camera, and for this reason we must cut it.

However, as we said, you can use various shortcuts to put a complete photo on whatsapp without cropping it, let's see how to do it to implement it.

How put a full picture in whatsapp without trim it

Well let's get to the point without more detours. The simplest method that is often used on these occasions is to download an application, which allows us to put a background and make the image "shrink" in the center. Therefore, then when whatsapp asks us to cut it, we can remove the fill that we have done, so we can keep the full image that we did not want to cut.

The process is very simple. And it is similar to that used for other applications, as in Instagram, when we also don't want to crop our photos.

  1. First we download the application InstaSize, which we can find in a way free on Google Play Once downloaded, we open it and we climb our photo that we want to put in profile in Whatsapp (if you ask, choose some dimensions, select the one of adaptable for Instagram).
  2. We put in the menu below where it says «Money«, And we select the one that we like the most and best fits our photo. Do not worry much about this, as much of it will be cut. We recommend choosing the White, it is the one that passes more discreetly, and nobody will know that you will have a fund behind.
  3. When saving it, they give us several options, from saving it to the gallery, such as sharing on different social networks. You can click on «Others»To look for the option of wearing it as WhatsApp profile, or simply save it in Gallery, and then open Whatsapp and select it as a profile. How to put a complete photo on whatsapp without cropping it Ready, within WhatsApp, it will ask you to cut it, and you simply remove part of the frame, and your image will already be centered, without the need for you to cut part of the photo itself. We hope we have helped you and that it has served you. Any questions you have the comments. Thank you for reading!

Put full Whatsapp profile picture

Another alternative to put the profile picture in WhatsApp complete and without trimming it is with another application called Whatscrop.How to put the full whatsapp profile photo without cropping 2

Unlike the previous one, this app was specially designed to respond to this problem and therefore, many users find it easier.

Its functionality is very similar to the previous one, what it does is to remove the zoom that Whatsapp makes you by default in the image when cropping it, and thus be able to cover the entire entire image. Of course, with the disadvantage that your photo will look a little smaller.

This application has a wide variety of backgrounds to place, and also allows you to center or place the image at ease. What makes it even more customizable.

How to put profile picture on whatsapp without cropping iphone

In the case that you have an Iphone, you have a simpler method that you can use to put the full profile picture in whatsapp without cropping. And you won't need applications!

The procedure consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to your photo gallery and open the one we want to put as a profile picture.
  2. Then, we make a touch on the screen so that the editing options are gone and only the photo and the black border remain on the screen.
  3. Then we do a "screenshot" by simultaneously pressing the start and lock key.
  4. Finally we open the WhatsApp application, go to your profile and click on the profile photo. We give you the option «Select photo». We select the last photo that would be the screenshot we have made.
  5. Ready!! You already have your profile image without cropping, because we have made a screenshot with the black flange, and therefore the image is just to place it full 😉


As you can see there are several ways to be able to put the whatsapp profile photo without cropping, it will only be up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs, and the one that works best for you.

When reading you will notice that it is not very complicated, and it can be done in a matter of a few minutes, either by downloading the app or by performing the above-mentioned trick.

It should be noted that it will also depend on the device you have, since for example if you have an iPhone, you may not need to download an app to be able to put your full profile picture on Whatsapp, since doing the simple step we mentioned will be enough to adjust the picture.

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