Smoking is an addiction that many people are willing to fight. To get extra help in this regard you can also count on the support of the smartphone. Through some specific applications, it is possible strengthen willpower to end this habit so destructive to health.


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Today with our mobile we can do almost anything, from finding work to learning to cook, or following sports routines and dieting. In relation to our health we have many tools, among them we will highlight on this occasion the most recommended that help you quit smoking.

Quit smoking bit by bit

There is no doubt that quitting smoking is a long and hard process, and that is why it is always important to ask for help. If you are already clear that you want to stop this addiction, and are willing to acquire healthier habits in your day to day, you have already taken a fundamental step to start the process. With the application quit smoking little by little, you will go decreasing the amount of cigarettes daily, until finally your organism is disengaged.

This app accompanies you throughout the process So finally ending this addiction is a reality. No matter how much you are currently smoking, following the instructions and method of this tool through your mobile, you can get it. It is not about quitting from one day to another, it is about doing so following guidelines so that your body does not suffer the consequences of withdrawal.

To follow the method proposed by this app, you must make some initial settings. You can only smoke when the screen is green, and then you will have to register that you have smoked. When you are in red you should not smoke, you will have to endure and read the advice offered if you think it is being too hard. It is about reducing consumption daily, until the time comes when you are ready to end the habit.

Smoke Free

Motivation and willpower is essential in the process to abandon this harmful habit. The Smoke Free application is designed to motivate you and get you to change your attitude. To achieve this, it provides you with advice, videos and different resources, with the intention that you meet your goals. It is a good option to commit to what you want to achieve.

The application it shows you all your evolution so you can see what you are getting: the smoke you have stopped putting into your lungs, the money you have saved, and the healthy benefits you are having. It tells you the amount of cigarette that you have quit smoking since you started the process, it helps you set new goals and pay attention to the changes that are occurring in your body.

Most important of all, these techniques have been specially developed for smokers who have a hard time giving up cigarettes. The 20 techniques that this application has are scientifically endorsed. Its effectiveness has been proven in thousands of people. It is completely free and free of ads so you can take advantage of it as well as possible.

Quit smoking app

In the name of the application is all said, it is a specific app for you to quit smoking. It is free and very complete So you quit this habit gradually. App to quit smoking has scientific statistics on health and motivational techniques, among many other features.

Between his statistics on healthy recommendationsWe can find some related to mental health, oxygen levels, smell, taste, heart disease, cancer and nicotine dependence. They are all based on scientific studies.

Stop smoking app

During your entire process while you quit smoking, a countdown to cheer you up and make you see everything you are getting for your well-being. If you have tried many times and have always encountered problems to achieve it, this app has a slower way, so that you can achieve goals in a more realistic way and adapted to your difficulties. It also includes game-based techniques, in case you want to smoke at some point, you will be distracted until the desire decreases.


To be aware of the freedom you will get when you quit smoking, this application is found to remind you at all times. Although you have the final decision to end this habit so bad for your health, thanks to this app you will take ana greater awareness of how you have been destroying your health, and best of all, it is in your hands to recover and improve it.

It contains different ways to quit smoking, since not all smokers have the same needs, nor are they at the same addictive point. In the Flamy app you have the possibility of opting for the program to quit smoking slowly, and if you dare and are trained to do so, take on the challenge of quitting in 14 days.

It is designed so that once you start with it, one way or another you end up getting quit smoking. For it, It shows you analysis of the most risky situations, is making you motivate and instruct you with data relevant to your health. Through advice you will be preparing to acquire healthier habits.

You will also be constantly informed of the goals you are achieving To keep you alive at all times. It includes a way in which you can challenge your friends or people who have also decided to quit smoking, to see who achieves the proposed objectives before.

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