How to recognize euro banknotes and counterfeit coins with your mobile

by Kelvin
How to recognize euro banknotes and counterfeit coins with your mobile

How to recognize euro banknotes and counterfeit coins with your mobile 2

The idea of ​​the superbillete is something as real as desired by some. And that being able to print money autonomously goes back to the time of the alchemists, when they tried to transmute lead into gold. A superbillete It is a fake ticket named for its high quality and similarity to an original one, and every year andl European Central Bank withdraw hundreds of thousands of counterfeit euros – only in the first quarter of 2010 the figure has already risen to 387,000 counterfeit bills. In the case of 1 and 2 euro coins you have to look well if Coins from another country are very similar in design and color. But how detect if a 20 euro bill is false, super fake or true?

  • You have to touch: Because the printing process used gives the banknotes of an unmistakable touch and firm texture and tough that a fake one doesn't have.
  • You have to look: Looking at the light they become visible watermark and security thread. On the 20, 50, 100 and 200 € banknotes you can also see the window with portrait
  • You have to turn: The silver band shows a portrait of Europe in a transparent window and the emerald green number produces a metallic reflection that moves vertically.

Apps to detect fake money with your mobile

Euro Verification Assistant

The good thing about this app is that it works for both the new series of euro billss – known as Europe and that goes from 2013 to 2019– as for the old series which started in 2002. All you have to do is enter the serial number on the back of the ticket and press the button. The result is shown in 4 parts:

  • Serial number status
  • Printed on
  • Design year
  • Checksum status

If any of the 4 sections is incorrect, the ticket is false. If all leave Ok, it is best to check Now other features – touch, look at the light – to be completely sure.

Download Euro Verification Status for Android

Counterfeit detector

One of the most recent to reach the market, this app comes with a series of tools as a ultraviolet viewfinder which consists of adapting the mobile light to see it “in a moderately dark environment”, and others to see the watermarks. Although the application itself is compatible only with Argentine pesos, and the currencies of Colombia, Peru and China. However, it comes with a section as an informative guide to recognize the validity of Euros, US Dollars and Mexican Pesos.

Download False Ticket Detector for Android

False Euros Tricks

Most of the euro banknotes could be easily detected, even just by touch, but they "sneak in" because we rely too much and generally emphasize the tendency to take the turns and put them in your pocket or wallet without looking. Euro banknotes have a series of Security elements that facilitate the detection of false copies just by paying a minimum of attention. This app for Android focuses on them, such as knowing where to play, looking at banknotes backlit, touch embossing or look at the touch marks

Download Fake Euros Tricks for Android

If we have a fake ticket

If we detect that we have a fake euro bill, the best thing is find a bank or center of the Bank of Spain, who can withhold the money to verify it and, in case of being false, would enter the value of the ticket in our checking account. And for those who think that this can be saved and ‘strain’ the ticket into a purchase knowing that it is false, yes, you can do it. But if you get caught it is a penalty of 3 to 6 months in prison or fine between 1 and 24 months, depending on whether the amount of counterfeit bills exceeds or not € 400.

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