How to recover a locked desktop in Windows

by Kelvin
восстановить заблокированный рабочий стол в Windows

First, let’s start by saying that the desktop Windows is one of the most important elements of the entire system. operating system … Hence, if we begin to experience blockages with both permanent and specific features of this section, irritation can be both important and disturbing. Typically, this is where we usually link both applications and documents and folders that we use most often on a regular basis. At the same time, the desktop contains many very useful features in the Redmond system.

restore locked desktop in Windows

That being said, we want to tell you that clogging of this element can become a serious problem in daily work with PC … In addition, there are several reasons why this failure might occur, and we have several solutions. This is what we want to talk about in the next few lines in order to solve this annoying mistake.


Desktop freeze reasons Windows

Throughout our sessions with Microsoft operating system we go through the Desktop on many occasions. We interact with it to open certain folders linked here, launch program shortcuts, create new ones, access screen settings, system basket etc. And as we mentioned, there are many functions we can perform from here. But when we try to do this, we sometimes see that the desktop itself freezes and we cannot complete the search.

For example, this is a glitch that could be caused by a recent update we installed on the operating system, which is unlikely to surprise anyone. There may also be some kind of incompatibility with some applications that we have opened or recently installed in Windows … The importance elements of the system’s own files also come into play here, as some of them can fail.

And speaking of incompatibility if we recently installed a hardware peripheral on the PC and the problems started from that point on, we might be suspicious. But, as usual in these cases, the operating system itself offers us several solutions that we can use.

How to fix desktop crashes

Therefore, if you experience crashes on your desktop Windows, let’s see what we can do. It is quite obvious that working with an incorrect desktop Windows too uncomfortable. It is for all this that we must try to find more or less radical solution so everything goes back to normal.

Below we will try to help you in this regard with some simple solutions as well as some that are more complex or that could be considered extreme.

Restart your computer to fix the problem.

While this seems somewhat obvious, one of the first solutions we’ll have to use is the most basic. By this we mean that a complete restart of the computer is usually quite effective for many operating system failures. We can do this, for example, using the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4 if we cannot open Start Menu because of this blockage.

Another possibility that we have in this sense, if the desktop is frozen, is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del. In the new window that appears, we will have the opportunity to turn off or restart the computer.

Remove problematic applications

We have already told you that sometimes it happens that we install a certain program in Windows and problems begin. In fact, it becomes potentially more dangerous if the program was obtained from some somewhat strange source. At the same time, the most powerful applications that we can install on a PC can also trigger certain glitches and incompatibilities.

In case we recently installed the software and started crashing on the desktop, we recommend that you uninstall it. We can do this from the Control Panel by accessing the Uninstall a program option.

Delete a program

Update display drivers

This type of desktop crashes can also be caused by a PC issue. display drivers. For some reason, these drivers may be corrupted or simply out of date. This is why it leads to various problems related to graphics sections. Windows, for example, for this case.

Therefore, we recommend that you update install these drivers to their latest version, for example by right-clicking the start button. Here we will see that we can access the Device Manager.

update drivers

Now we only need to find an entry called Display adapters, right-click on that item and update the driver.

Download a restore point Windows

For those of you who don’t know, it’s interesting to know that Windows 10 creates restore points up to a certain date. important events … For example, when an update is installed on the system or when we add a program. At this time, the operating system creates an automatic recovery point in the event of a problem, as is the case.

Thus, if we experience table crashes , we can try to restore the previous point. To do this, we just need to write Recovery in the search box on the taskbar. This will take us to a new window belonging to the Control Panel, where we click “Open System Restore”.

restoration system

Here we will find restore points created both automatically and manually so that we can restore the system to a time when it was working fine.

Update Windows to the latest version

When we find bugs in the Microsoft operating system like this one that causes the desktop to crash, we also recommend updating the operating system. It can fix many problems that suddenly appear in Windows and are usually caused by incompatibilities. That is why, at this stage, the best we can do is open the config app via Win + I keys.

Update centre Windows Directx

Next, we go to the updates and security section, where we will not see the Update Center function. Windows… I must say that here we will already have the opportunity to update the operating system to the latest version sent by Microsoft