How to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp

by admin-kervin

Is there any possibility and method of Recover deleted audios from WhatsApp? The answer is yes, especially if you have an Android phone because the options available in this operating system are more numerous and there are more possibilities.

On the iPhone it is also possible to recover those audios deleted by mistake, although the available methods are less than those that exist on Android. Either way, they can help you retrieve WhatsApp voice notes.

It will not always be possible to recover the deleted audios, but if you find yourself in the situation that you want to recover some of those voice notes that you have recently lost, you we recommend trying all the options that we are going to show you next, although you can always ask your contacts to resend them if they have not deleted them.

You have deleted the audio from the conversation

In case you have manually erased the audios in the conversation itself just for you, be it one of those that you have sent or that you have received, there is still a possibility of being able to recover them in a fairly simple way.


Just ask the chat contact to forward it to you again. Of course, if you deleted the audios by choosing the "delete for all" option, the sound will be deleted from both conversations, so it will not be stored in storage either.

Image - How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

You deleted the audio file, but you have the chat

Yes for any circumstance you deleted the audio file from the phone storage, that is, where WhatsApp audios are stored, but you still have the conversation where you received that voice memo, there is the possibility of retrieving them.

You just have to enter the conversation and look for the date when you received the audios, what you have to do is download them again and you can hear them again, or if you prefer to forward them to someone, share them, etc.

We must clarify something, when we refer to deleting the audio file it does not mean deleting it from the conversation, but to manually delete it from the folder where these files that we send by WhatsApp are located, which is not the same.

The chat and audio file have been deleted

If this is your case, that is, yes You don't have access to the conversation or the audio file In the folder in which these elements are stored, there is a possibility of being able to recover those audios in this situation, and it is only to restore the last backup.

Image - How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

What is the inconvenience of this option? You must realize if the date of the WhatsApp backup periodically has been made before or after the removal of the audios, if it is before you can recover them, but if the backup copy it was done later there is no possibility of recovering anything.

You deleted the conversation, but you keep the file

It may also happen that you delete the conversation, but keep the file. Deleting a chat does not mean deleting all files generated, that is, neither those you send nor all the photos, videos and even audios and documents received.

In this case, just install some file explorer for Android and access the folder where WhatsApp audios are stored, there you can see what you have sent to your contacts, but also those that have sent you.

Image - How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

The negative part of this possibility is that WhatsApp audios are all saved together by date, so you will have to play one by one to see if it is the one you were looking for, apart from that you will have to remember what it was.

You deleted your phone or did a reset

It's possible Recover WhatsApp audios that have been deleted while formatting of the smartphone or factory reset? Yes, in case you made a previous backup to any of these two actions, or asking the contacts to resend them to you.

This is very common when you change your phone or do a slow reset, then just open WhatsApp and restore backup in full, in a few minutes you should recover all the photos, videos, images, audios and others available.

This procedure is also extensible for the iPhone, that is, if you change your phone to a new iPhone you can recover the audios as long as you have the backup done previously.

Depending on the situation in which you find yourself from the ones we have shown you above, you will know how to recover deleted audios from WhatsApp Through the steps indicated, if not, you will have to accept that you have lost them forever.

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