How to recover deleted photos from iOS step by step

by Kelvin

A few weeks ago, we told you how to recover deleted photos from Android. But what about those who have an iPhone or iPad? We are many and that is why we also tell you how recover deleted photos from iOS Step by Step.

How to recover your deleted photos from iOS?

One of the most common forms of Recover deleted photos from iPhone or iPad is to go to the folder "You recently deleted". This is found in Albums and on those devices with iOS 8 or higher versions.


In it you will see all the deleted images and videos during the last 30 days. You can recover them by clicking on the "Recover" option when opening one of these files. Keep in mind that if you do not hurry, you could lose them permanently. But, do not worry, in some of them an icon will appear that will indicate

Within this folder we will see the deleted photos last month and can be recovered by clicking on the «Recover» menu that appears when opening a photo hosted in this album. If you realize, some of them will appear with an icon that indicates that the photo will disappear definitely the next 3 days.

Recover your photos from iCloud or iTunes

The cloud storage system of Apple, iCloud, it has a function with which you can restore all multimedia files. But to make use of this function you must have previously activated the backup to recover deleted photos from iOS.

Take your iPhone or iOS and enter Settings – iCloud – Storage. Here, select Backup Now. From here, read carefully. Choose the Restore from Backup option.

But beware!

If you continue with the restoration, all current content on your device, including apps, will be erased to restore the last saved backup. With it you will recover the photos you had at the time, but you will lose the installed applications and photographs taken after performing the backup.

To avoid this, make a list of the apps you have to install them after restoring the backup and store the photos of the reel in an external memory or hard drive.

You can also recover deleted photos from iPhone or iPad restoring the device through the backup stored in iTunes. As with iCloud, this formula requires that you be previously synchronized with a laptop or computer to perform the recovery.

After connecting with iTunes, to recover deleted photos and then leave the device as it was before performing this process, choose the option to Restore from a backup.

The final solution: Data Rescue4

We have kept an ace up his sleeve. If none of these options worked for you, either because you haven't done iCloud backups or on iTunes, you can still recover your deleted photos using third-party applications. Of course, this is the most expensive solution of all.

One of the applications that our ComputerHoy colleagues recommend us is Data Rescue4, which you can buy and download from the internet from the website of the official developer / creator for $ 99.

This is a reliable and safe software, used not only by private users, but by companies around the world. It will scan and recover all the files you need from hard drives and memories.

Source: Computer Today

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