How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN?


Currently, there is no question about the popularity of messaging apps. What happens. Since the end of 2016, WhatsApp offers its users the ability to activate 2 Factor Authentication (like many other applications Facebook and Google also uses it) in their WhatsApp number. When using 2 Factor Authentication, user numbers cannot be verified on WhatsApp without entering a user defined 6 digit PIN. The purpose of this step is to prevent intruders from using your WhatsApp number when they have your SIM card.

Enable two-step verification on WhatsApp


Now, when a user changes to another device or wants to reinstall WhatsApp, they will be asked to enter a PIN.

This account is protected by two-step verification

But the problem arises when the user forgets the 6 digit PIN. So what can users do to retrieve their WhatsApp numbers? If you are one of those who suffer from this problem, follow the steps below to follow the steps below your WhatsApp number.

There are two case scenarios:

    Verification 2 Step activated With Mail 2 Step Verification Enabled Without Email

By email:

If you have additional email addresses when you configure 2-step verification, follow the steps below:

Launching What happens. press Accept and continue. Then write phone number. How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 2

Check the phone number on WhatsApp You will receive a Verification code through SMS (or through a call) on your phone number. Enter the code in WhatsApp. Now you will be requested to enter a PIN. Because you don't remember, click Forgot your PIN?
How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 3Click I forgot my PIN. A popup window will appear. Click on Sending email (An email will be sent to the email address WhatsApp has for you). How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 4Send email to reset PIN now, Touchez all right. How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 5Email sent to reset PIN. An email will be received with a link to disable two-step verification from your account. Click on the link and your WhatsApp account page will open in your browser. How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 6Link to reset verification in two steps now Confirmation You really want to disable verification in two steps. (do not turn it off, if you do not request it). How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 7Confirm to reset two-step verification That's it. Now you can re-enter your WhatsApp account and start sending / receiving messages again. If you have made a backup of the WhatsApp data, the data will be returned. How to recover your forgotten WhatsApp PIN? 8Two-step verification removed from WhatsApp account

No email

You won't have much to do if you haven't set up your email when you activate 2-step verification Follow the steps mentioned:

Wait 7 day. After that, you can go out A New PIN on your own The screen for the new PIN will appear on your screen. You only need to establish a new PIN (code) with 6 digits to the application. Also, you will not be able to read any messages received during this time and they will be lost (more messages than 6-7 days are automatically deleted by WhatsApp). If not double check Your PIN entered 30 days, your account will be converted removed. After that, every time you use your WhatsApp number, you will create a new account.

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