How to reinstall the Whatsapp without losing my contacts or my saved chats? Step by step guide 2019

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WhatsApp is a social network that has come to improve and move many platforms. Well, it is no secret to anyone that this medium allows you to make calls, video calls, send messages, among other things, without a doubt a very complete tool when you have to send some information or file.

The good thing about this form of communication is that you can have a wide field of contact, many of them that we don't want to lose. Besides that, this allows you to make a backup and save the information in your cloud if you change your device or something unexpected happens to you.


In this article you can see some causes of why you should reinstall your messaging, how you can install the application from scratch without losing your contacts, and even how you can back up your conversations or groups so that at the time of reinstalling do not lose anything.

Why do I need to reinstall my "Wasap"? Causes to do it

There are countless causes for which you have or want to uninstall and reinstall the platform again on your computer, Some of them are usually because the contacts do not appear, because you have problems updating it or because you want to restore some information that you deleted by mistake.

Those may be one of the most likely consequences for this step, but regardless of why we will show you the solution to reinstall and clear your concerns at the time of doing so.

Steps to reinstall the WhatsApp app from scratch on iOS or Android without losing my contacts

With this trick it will be possible to recover the contacts you have and something else, without a doubt this can save you more than once. It is essential that you consider how important it is for these processes Make a previous backup, it will save you from more than one disgust.

On Android

Fortunately, today it is easier to pass any data from one computer to another, or retrieve the information you had on the computer, especially if it is the same operating system. When adding a contact to a mobile, it is important that they be added to the Google account; in this case, and not in the memory or on the SIM card.

This because this will make the job more complicated, otherwise they will only appear in the messenger those that you currently have on the device and you will lose those you do not have saved:

  • The first thing you should do is go to your «Play Store» and look for the app of "Whatsapp" and click on "Install".
  • At the end of the download enter your phone number. If you have a backup copy, it will show you how to recover it. to have again the contacts you don't have on your list, the chats, groups and everything you have on it.
  • If you do not want to restore or have no backup, there will be no problem because Contacts that you have added and have WhatsApp will appear automatically. But, everything else will no longer be.
  • In this way you can use your app without problems.

On iOS

As in the previous case, you must save everything you possibly need in an email account such as Google, iCloud or iTunes.

If you want to verify that your contacts are safe go to your calendar, Click on "Edit" and check if they are stored in the cloud:

  • Enter your «App Store».
  • Search for the app "Whatsapp" and click on "Install".
  • Wait for the download to complete and when it finishes go to the beginning of your computer and Enter the messaging.
  • Enter the corresponding information and this will process the data you added.
  • You will receive a confirmation text message, if it is the same number of the device with which you are doing the management, it will read it automatically. If not, keep the mobile you entered so you can enter the code, since it has an expiration period.
  • A tab will appear indicating if you want to restore the stored information, If you accept it, you can retrieve the numbers you don't have on your smartphone and everything you had on it. If you omit it, the contacts you have in your calendar are the ones that will be reflected.

Will I lose my conversations and groups when reinstalling the WhatsApp? How to avoid it

WhatsApp conversations and groups

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To do this you have to keep in mind that the information that you can retrieve is what is stored in your cloud. The moment you install it, it asks you how often you want to make a backup, You can select to do it manually or from time to time.

This way you will reset all the information you have stored in your Google account synchronized with the device, You can also select if you want only conversations to be saved or if you prefer to archive images and videos.

Note that if you don't have a backup or the device synchronized with your email account, the data will not be almennated Of the device. This is why it is important to do it.

On Android

In this part you can see how to make a copy of your information before removing the app and how to restore the information after installing again.

  • If you are downloading the tool follow the above mentioned steps: «Play Store»> «Whatsapp»> «Install».

At the moment you enter your data, if you had previously had WhatsApp and your email account is synchronized, it will throw you a tab with the option to «Skip or reset» the information you stored with the last backup.

In this way you can recover both contacts, chat, groups and even conversations with people you do not have added.

  • If it is the first time you have the application or you have already downloaded it and you have not made any backup go to "Menu" (the three vertical points found in the upper right corner » > «Settings»> «Chats»> «Backup».
  • At that time you can select how you can backup your information, if you want it automatic or manual

On iOS

These steps you will see below you they serve with any device of this software, be it iPhone or iPad:

  • If you do not have an account affiliated with your smartphone you must go to «Settings».
  • Later, look for the section that says «Accounts and passwords»> «Add accounts».
  • It will show you a list of all the accounts that you can choose to synchronize your information, in this case you select «Google», «iCloud», «iTunes».
  • He will ask you to enter your email and password, you must wait a few seconds while validating the information.
  • This way your account will already be on your device, so any changes you make will be saved.
  • It only remains that you go to «Menu»> «Settings»> «Chats»> «Backup».
  • Ready, you can back up your information.

If you already have your account and are already reconfiguring your WhatsApp, you just have to accept that the team restores the information in your cloud so that you can recover all your conversations.

How to recover my contacts after installing the «Wasat» from scratch?

You can do this as we indicated earlier, in the step of installing your WhatsApp from scratch in different software. That is, by backup.

This is the easiest way to back up any information you have in your app, since not only stores your contacts information, but also files, documents, photos, among other things that you have in it at the time of making this backup.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????

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