How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome

by Kelvin

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers because it is fast and reliable, but also because Google has done a good job marketing it.

Chrome web browser does a good job of allowing users to sync multiple devices used by the same account, allowing users to use the same bookmarks, search history, auto-reload data, and various other records on multiple devices.


This sync feature is convenient and useful, however you can mess up your account profile with so many bookmarks that you stop using the bookmark feature. When that happens, sometimes it's better to clean up the mess and start again.

Fortunately Chrome offers several ways to remove your bookmarks.

Delete bookmarks one by one from the bookmarks bar

Sometimes you just want to remove some bookmarks from your bookmarks bar:

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 2

  1. Right-click on the marker in the marker bar
  2. Select Delete from the context menu.

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 1

Note that this method does not require any confirmation, so after selecting Delete, the bookmark is lost.

Use the Bookmark Manager

Bookmark manager is a Chrome feature that allows you to view and manage all your bookmarks. You can classify them in different folders or organize them according to their importance.

If you have synced your device and sign in to Chrome with your Google account, you can search for all the bookmarks created on your other device. Also, if you decide to use the bookmarks manager, you can delete the entire folder. This makes cleaning up your list much easier.

  1. In Chrome, open the Bookmark drop-down menu and select Bookmark manager
  2. Select the bookmark you want to delete

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 2

Note that for synchronized accounts, mobile bookmarks will have their own folder. Or you can also write "Chrome: // marker"That will open the bookmark manager in your current tab.

Any method that works. You should see the following folder.

  • Bookmark bar
  • Other bookmarks
  • Mobile dialer

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 3

The list will take longer if you have created your own folder. To remove it, just right click on the folder and select Delete.

From the bookmark manager page, you can also use keywords to search for specific bookmarks. This allows you to perform very precise searches and only delete entries that you create.

Clear browsing history or all saved data?

If you want to delete your browsing history and all the information stored in your Google account, know that you cannot delete bookmarks with the same method either. Using the Clean Data Browsing feature only removes cookies, browsing and download history, auto-reload data, passwords, cache files, etc.

Chrome doesn't have a profile folder, so removing all bookmarks at once is a different process.

How to delete a bookmarks folder in Windows

  1. Open the Run dialog box or search box
  2. Type "% LocalAppData% Google Chrome Default User Data" and press Enter
  3. Find the bookmark file
  4. Right click and select Delete

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 4

This will delete all bookmarks that have been created since you installed Chrome on your device.However, it will not delete bookmarks stored on other devices, even if the device is synced with the same account. Also note that for this to work, you must close all Chrome instances.

If you just want to delete a bookmark from a certain account and accidentally delete something important, you can use the same folder path to restore it. Sometimes Chrome make a backup This backup includes bookmark data.

How to remove all bookmarks in Chrome 5

That data is found in the bookmarks.bak file in Default User Data. If you change the file extension .bak to .old, you may be able to retrieve the bookmark you just deleted.

How to delete bookmarks folder on macOS

If you are comfortable with the command line, you can call Terminal and enter the following directory in your user account.

$ cd ~ / Library / Application Support / Google / Chrome / Default /

Then delete the bookmark file with this command:

Bookmark $ rm

So the next time you open Chrome, there will be no bookmarks and you can start with a new one. Add your first marker to get started. If you go back to ~ / Library / Application Support / Google / Chrome / Default / You will see that the bookmark file has been re-created. You can delete it again later if your bookmarks are too messy and you want to start again.

Final thoughts

Deleting a bookmark file is a pretty drastic action. If you are concerned that your bookmark list is too large to manage, deleting everything might not be a good idea. You may also lose important shortcuts to pages that may take a long time to find in the future.

Sometimes removing bookmarks one by one is better even if it takes longer. Remember that a long list of bookmarks does not consume many resources by caching too many video files and cookies in your account.

Of course, if you want to be the most efficient, it would be ideal to organize all your bookmarks in a specific folder and do it with all the new bookmarks as soon as you save them.

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If you have tips and tricks for removing or organizing bookmarks, please give us a comment below!