How to Remove Applications from a MAC

by Kelvin
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For anyone who has been working for a short time in a MacOS environment and for newcomers to the environments WindowsOne of the first questions presented to them is how to get remove applications.

Steps to follow for uninstalling on Mac

Get uninstall applications in Mac it is not a task as simple as it is in iOS, where you only have to press and hold the application until the icons begin to shake and the blade appears.


The truth is that there are two types of apps In the MacOS operating system, applications that have their own installer and applications that are only containers. It should be noted that most are of the second type.

This first way to catalog the programs is already telling you how to uninstall each one. For example, it is not correct to delete the Photoshop application by dragging its icon to the recycle bin. If you do that, you will be leaving a lot of information inside the computer If the application is a container, the same thing happens, although in a much less problematic way.

Container applications

A container application is one in which both the executable and the rest of the elements necessary for it to work are included in the same package. This means that it is not necessary to install any file in a special location, you could run it even from an external device.

In this type of applications, the fact drag the folder to the trash It is considered as a correct disposal. However, you are also leaving information on the hard drive, especially preference files. It is true that these files usually take up very little space, but it is always better to delete them.

The right way to remove apps on Mac

One of the Mac solutions that exist is the resort to Launch and do the same as in iOS, press the icon until it shakes and click on the blade. It is also not a good option since it also leaves information in the system.

The first thing you should do is verify if the application developer did not include your own uninstaller. If so, that is the option you should use.

The next step is to check what the developer says. In some cases you will have to download the uninstaller from its own page. On other occasions there is a menu in the application itself to uninstall it. This is the case, for example, of FxFactory.

When you don't have either option, the best thing is resort to a third application, such as Appcleaner. Its operation is very simple. When you run the app, a window will appear where all you have to do is drag and drop the one you want to uninstall.

Another interesting option of this removal tool is the option to search for existing containers on your hard drive. But, in addition, it will also search for all its information, so you will be sure that nothing will remain on the stored computer.

Now that you know how remove applications On a MacOS, you no longer have an excuse to make the leap to change operating system. Throw yourself without wasting time.

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