How to remove applications on Mac completely and safely

by Kelvin

Whether you are a user who has been in the macOS ecosystem for years or a newcomer, the truth is that there are some features that you may not know. One of them is to remove applications completely from your Mac and do it in a safe way. That will be discussed in this article, in which we will show you a way to leave no trace of those applications that you do not want to have on your computer.

Completely remove Mac applications and securely

The generic way to delete applications on a Mac computer is to access the Applications folder, select the one we want to uninstall and drag it to the trash. Technically the application will be uninstalled and we will not be able to use it, however this process does not guarantee that all the folders in which files of that application are saved are deleted.


The way to completely eliminate applications that we recommend is to use a free application, which we use personally but in no case is the only one existing for this type of process. This application is called AppCleaner and its installation and subsequent use is really simple.


  1. Download AppCleaner from the browser. You can do it by pressing here.
  2. Install the application and open it.
  3. Open the Applications folder now and Select the one you want to remove from your Mac.
  4. Drag the application to the AppCleaner window.
  5. Select all the boxes that appear in AppCleaner if you want to remove any trace of the application. Once done that click on "Delete".

As you can see, the process is really simple and safe. We insist that AppCleaner is not the only application for macOS that allows this process to be carried out, but since it is a secure application and we have been using it for a long time, we believe it is the most appropriate.

If you want to totally remove this application even from the trash We recommend that you place the cursor on the icon of this one and while holding down the alt / option key, right-click and select «Empty Trash». This is the safe way to also delete any type of file that we have deleted from the trash.

If before knowing the method that we just showed you to remove applications from the Mac you did it in the classic’ way, do not worry. This should not generate any security problem on your Mac or its malfunction, however it can arrive to occupy a certain memory space by continuing to maintain some files considered as junk’. These are usually maintained despite the removal of the application in case we reinstall it in the future and we would like to have certain data and settings from the previous installation.

Have you had any problem deleting an application with the method we show you? You can tell us in the comment box and we will try to help you.