How to remove metadata from your Office documents

by Kelvin

Office documents, whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint, include certain information within the document that are not visible to the naked eye but that are very practical, both by Office and for ourselves.

Among these data we can find the creation and modification dates of the document, the name of its author … But there is much more. When we edit a document there are elements that can be added beyond a text, a spreadsheet or a presentation, such as annotations, comments, associated documents, previous versions and other content, visible or hidden.

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We are not always aware of all that information, and it is possible that if we share Office documents we forget that at the time we include an internal comment that no one else should see or simply do not want anyone to know when we created that document.

How to remove metadata from your Office documents 5

From Office 2010 onwards, Microsoft includes in its office suite a tool called Document Inspector that helps us to locate all that information and personal data generated by the Word, Excel or PowerPoint tool itself or that we introduced at the time but that we cannot remember. With this tool we can remove that additional information quickly and avoid scares or misunderstandings.

Inspect and remove

As Microsoft indicates on its Office support page, enter the information or personal data that we should monitor, we may find hidden data or personal information that we may not want to share ”,β€œ Excel data that is added to a book when collaborating with other people ”orβ€œ hidden data or personal information that may be in the presentation or its metadata. "

As well. If we want to share an Office document but previously clean it of metadata, the first thing we will do is create a copy. A) Yes we will keep the personal information in the original document, which on the other hand is useful, but we will clean it in the created copy.

How to remove metadata from your Office documents 6

We open the copy of the document and we will File> Information. We click on Check for problems and a dropdown will open. We choose Inspect document and a new window will open with all the options available.

In that new window we can leave all options checked or uncheck those we want to keep. The list includes all the content that can be removed, such as comments, revision marks, versions, annotations, document properties, personal information associated with our Office license or with our Microsoft account, hidden text, XML data and much more.

How to remove metadata from your Office documents 7

Once we have marked and unmarked what interests us from that window, we click on To inspect so that Office looks for that content in the document that we have open. At the end we will get the search results. If all is well, click on Remove all in each item to delete. Finally we click on Finalize or in Recheck if we want to make sure that there are no more personal data left. At the end, we will have a clean Office document of personal data to share without problems.

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