How to remove or disable his account Instagram

by Kelvin
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Instagram is a growing social network. The figures of his evolution are impressive. Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is THE fashionable social network based on photos and videos. Yet some users have tried the experiment and have not been seduced. Then comes the moment to delete or disable his account. We explain how to do it! Follow the guide !

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Users have even madeInstagram a job. Instagramers or influencers share photos and videos on topics that are close to them: lifestyle, music, books, fitness, video games, etc. Downside, Instagram has lost over time in authenticity. For the average user, the social network has become an instrument of depression rather than anything else. Sure Instagramwe are not in the right, we are at court where everyone puts on his mask and concocts a character. Instagramis the perfect social network to stage his life.

This lack of authenticity, some users do not want more. Little by little they desert the service until they make a radical decision, delete their account. Note that some delete their account to create another, making clean slate. But then, how to delete his account Instagram ? We show you what to do.

Instagram : how to disable his account

Before the deletion step, some users start by deactivating their account, to make a little truce. For this, we do not go through the mobile application, but by the web version ofInstagram. Here's the procedure to follow :

    Open your web browser and launch the page InstagramEnter your credentialsClick on the profile icon located at the top right of the window then on «modify the profile» Select «Temporarily disable my account» Then enter your password to validate your choice

Be aware that a deactivation is not permanent. You will be able to reactivate your account simply by connecting to Instagram by entering your username and password again on the homepage.

How to permanently delete your account Instagram

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