How to remove read confirmation on WhatsApp

by Kelvin
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For a few years now, the main messaging services have incorporated a function that can be useful for many users but annoying and invasive for many others: read confirmations.

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Read confirmations are considered by many users as a violation of their digital privacy

Read confirmations are notices that indicate when a conversation partner has read a sent message. Generally, in the form of a small check or a β€œseen” near the message in question that can lead to many discussions derived from reading a message and not answering it.

We already show you how to deactivate the confirmations of reading in Messenger, and now comes the turn to WhatsApp.

Disable read confirmations in WhatsApp

Eliminating the blue check in WhatsApp (the confirmation of reading of the messaging service) is only possible for text messages, as the voice notes will show it when they are heard regardless of whether the user wants or not. The blue check cannot be deleted in group conversations either.

To remove it in individual chats, you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy. Here, in addition to being able to disable the last connection time, at the bottom you can deactivate the read confirmation. In doing so, you will not be able to see when the other person has read the messages, so both parties cannot know if their messages have been read or not.

But not all social networks have this option. In Instagram, unlike WhatsApp and Facebook, read confirmations of private messages are inevitable. Even so, in Settings> Privacy you can make it not appear when a user has been active for the last time and if it is at that time. To circumvent the read notification, you can always access the message in airplane mode so that the activity is not recorded.

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