How to remove the code from Apple Watch easily

by Kelvin

Sometimes the memory may fail us at the worst time and we do not remember the lock code that we have put to our Apple Watch. In this hypothetical situation the only way to remove the code from the Apple Watch to continue using it is to format the computer and restore the last backup we have available in our cloud

In this article we explain how you can restore your Apple Watch Easily to completely remove the unlock code, both from the iPhone and from the smart watch itself.


Remove the code from your Apple Watch on iPhone linked

The most comfortable way to restore your smart watch is to do it with the iPhone on which it is linked. To do so you simply follow the following steps:

  • We open the application of Apple Watch and we will go to 'My watch' on the bottom.
  • Now we will click on General> Reset found at the bottom of this menu.
  • Here you just have to click on Clear content and settings’. Previously it will possibly ask you for the ID of Apple and your password and if you have an LTE model it will also give you the option to delete your mobile data plan. We recommend you keep it if you are going to link the Apple Watch With this iPhone.
  • Once we have entered the ID of Apple We will see how the clock begins to be restored and we can reconfigure it from a backup.

It is also possible to delete the code from Apps Watch itself

If you have no possibility to access the iPhone to which this link is linked Apple Watch, we can follow the following steps on the watch itself:

  • Place the watch on the charging base.
  • Press the side button until we see the power off option.
  • Press hard on the power off icon.
width=405Source: Apple
  • We will see the option of «Delete contents and settings». Simply press on it and the clock will begin to restore automatically, taking several minutes to complete the operation. After this we can perform an installation through backup.

In this simple way it is possible to remove the code from the Apple Watch to be able to continue using it without problem whenever you have a backup at hand.

Leave us in the comment box if you had to use this tutorial and if you had any problems with the process.

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