How to remove the PIN from the SIM card in Android

by Kelvin
Bloqueo de SIM en Android

One of the first things we become familiar with as soon as we have our first mobile phone is with the concept of the PIN code. It is essential to be able to use the terminal as a call center and receive text messages, although both things already seem like memories of a very distant past. Nowadays, when the phones barely turn off, there are people who consider this code more as a nuisance, than as a security measure. If it's your case or if for any other reason you want get rid of the PIN code From your phone's SIM card, keep reading that we tell you what you can do to achieve it.

How to remove a card's PIN lock

There will be who can think that, since the SIM PIN is there, better leave it. In that we agree; I am part of that group of users paranoidly obsessed with the security of their electronic devices. Now it is also true that smartphones they already have their own security measures: unlock by a device PIN, fingerprint and facial recognition, internal and external storage encryption …


With all this in mind, is it really necessary to have an unlock code on the SIM card? Well, like so many other questions in the Android world, the answer is that it depends on the user. If you are in the group that thinks that with the security measures of the device itself is enough, follow the steps that we will take next.

First, go to Settings and look for the section Security. We take this opportunity to remember that this route may vary depending on the manufacturer (on Samsung phones, for example, you will have to go to Biometric data and security> Other security settings). There, you will have to look for an option called Configure SIM lock or similar:

Security options on Android /

You will arrive at this screen, where you will have to click on Lock SIM card:

Turn SIM card lock on / off /

When you do, a numeric keypad will appear asking you to enter the card PIN. Do it and SIM lock will be gone; You will no longer be asked for the code the next time you turn on the terminal.

As you can see, it is not difficult if you know the steps you have to take. If you change your SIM card often, or if you consider that the security measures of the terminal is enough, then you know what you have to do.

How to remove the PIN from the SIM card in Android 2

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