How to remove theft report on a locked cell phone

by Kelvin

It happens to many people that after reporting a mobile as stolen, they recover it. However, the telephone company has already blocked it due to security measures. So what can you do in these cases? It's possible remove theft report of your cell phone? Yes, then we will tell you how to do it.

For this you will need the help of an application called


What is

What is Unlockriver?Download the app at

It is an excellent application that will help you with the unlock or release of your Android mobile. It works by getting in direct contact with the database of all companies. In this way delete all records in which the phone reported as stolen appears.

It is important to note that this application is completely safe and legal.

How does work to remove a cell phone theft report?

How Unlockriver worksSteps to unlock a mobile
  • The first thing you should do is, get the IMEI number from your phone This number is unique for each mobile, that is, its own identification.
  • To get it, just place * # 06 # and you will see a 16-digit code that usually ends in 01.
  • After you have the IMEI number, we must enter and place all cell phone data. These data are: the phone model, name of the operating company, IMEI number, name of the manufacturer and an email.
  • Once you enter that important data, the unlock code will be sent to your mail.
  • Insert the SIM card of the operator you want to leave on your mobile.
  • Once you turn on the phone it will ask you to enter the unlock code that you just sent.

From this step you can remove theft report to your mobile and it will be ready to be used again in the usual way.

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