How to report fake content on Instagram 4This morning we were talking about the incorporation of a new feature to Twitter, with which this social network intends to block offensive messages.


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Well, now we have to pay attention to Instagram. Because the filter platform, which is owned by Facebook, has just introduced the possibility of informing of those contents that users think they can be fake, so that in this way Instagram I can put the magnifying glass and eliminate them, if they are really fake.

And how will they do it? As well, Instagram from now on it will enable a kind of indicators that will classify the publications in terms of their quality. In this way, and over time, they claim that through artificial intelligence, the system be perfectly able to detect what content is false.

There will be other signals, however, that will help to detect this type of publication. They will be, for example, the comments, the age of the publication or the behavior of the account that owns the content in question. These will be variables that will help users to decide if there is any publication that should be withdrawn from the circulation.

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