How to request a new one Apple Card number to use on the web

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order new Apple Card number

Apple protect your security by allowing you to retrieve a number 16 your main digit Apple A card with just a few taps, which gives you a new credit card number all the time.


When to order a new one Apple Card number

Physical Apple The card does not have a number, expiration date or confirmation code printed on it. Instead, you get a virtual card number and a spinning confirmation code (CVV) in the Wallet app (our separate tutorial shows you how to reveal the number 16 titanium card spatter).

Physical cards can be used to make purchases anywhere Apple Pay not yet received, and that includes online or phone purchases from Apple Pay. Of course, using your titanium card over the phone is not the safest method of purchasing products and the exact same thing can be said about entering a credit card number in a web store – you've been warned!

How to request a new one Apple Card number to use on the web 2

How to request a new one Apple Card number to use on the web 2

Titanium cards do not have numbers on them because they use Virtual Primary Account Numbers (PAN) and Security Codes (CVV).

Telephone systems and web stores can and are hacked all the time. And when that happens, your credit card number could easily be released on the dark web. To overcome a scenario like that, Apple allows you to order a new one Apple Card numbers that you can use to continue shopping online when virtual card numbers have been previously compromised.

This security feature not only protects your online purchases from payment card theft codes injected into thousands of web stores, but it's also good for an unfavorable scenario where you might be forced to tell someone Apple Card numbers (such as when you talk to chatty salespeople on the phone) but you don't trust them completely.

Your card can also be cloned, skimmed, or stolen from a website through a phishing attack.

order new Apple Card number

Matthew Panzarino writes for TechCrunch:

I use a virtual card service called Private for online transactions where I don't know the person or company whose number will be good. Some banks and credit card companies like Bank of America and Citi also offer virtual card numbers now.

Apple Card numbers are manually regenerated, unlike the three-digit card verification value (CVV) that rotates on each purchase. Like the main number, the CVV code of your titanium card can only be disclosed in the Wallet app. That's one more security of security Apple Card, with a CVV number that acts as a unique and dynamic security code that makes it almost impossible for someone to use your card to make fraudulent purchases.

Simply put, rotating the security code and allowing you to generate virtual card numbers at will increases the difficulty for attackers to use your titanium. Apple Card without permission.

How to request a new one Apple Card number

If your titanium Apple Lost, stolen, or compromised card, follow the steps below to request a new virtual card number to use on the Apple Pay website

one) Open it Wallet application on your iPhone with iOS 12.4 or higher

two) Triple Touchez Plus the button

3) Touchez the tagged entry Card information.

order new Apple Card number

You may need to authenticate with Face ID Touch ID or access code.

4) I touched Request a new card number.

You will receive a new card number to use on the web. The old man will be completely invalid.

If you use a titanium card for recurring payments or subscriptions like Spotify, you may need to re-enter your information after resetting the card number unless your retailer uses the account update card service on file to automatically extract new Mastercard numbers.

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By the way, if you suspect fraudulent activity on your blog Apple Card account, it is recommended to contact someone with all your heart Apple Card specialist. And in an unfortunate case, your card ends up lost, damaged, or stolen, be sure to read our special tutorial that explains how to lock your titanium card and request a replacement card.

And that's it, boys and girls!

Plus Apple Card resource

For more information on how to use Apple Card make sure read our instructions:

And last but not least, don't forget browse our tutorial file.

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