How to reset a Apple Watch 5

by Kelvin
How to reset a Apple Watch 5

Without a doubt, data transmission equipment, as well as telephones and now smart watches, are tools that came into our lives to make it easier every day. Every day we turn to them to perform different functions, which a few years ago would have seemed almost like a fiction movie. In addition to the arrival of the internet, the connection between our phone, smartwatch and computer is almost common among users.


However, with the technological advances that are implemented in these devices, we are in need of constantly replacing them, in order to have a better use of the new functions. In general, the previous equipment or we give them to close friends and put them on sale, so it is necessary to reset them to factory values. In this way all the information that we have stored in them will be deleted, and can be reused as if it were a new device.

Next we will see the steps you must follow to correctly perform the factory reset at Apple Watch 5, from the watch itself or from the iPhone.

one. How to reset Apple Watch 5 from the clock

Step 1

To start the procedure we enter the "Settings" section directly from the clock. This is in the initial screen of the application.

factory reset Apple Watch 4 1.jpg

Step 2

Next we click on the “General” alternative

factory reset Apple Watch 5 2.png

Step 3

Now we go to the bottom by sliding the screen and press the “Reset” section

factory reset Apple Watch 5 3.png

Step 4

You will see on the screen the option “Delete contents and settings” click on it.

factory reset Apple Watch 5 4.png

Step 5

Now a window will be displayed where it is warned that the procedure cannot be undone once done. This means that you must be very sure since everything on the watch will be erased.

In this case we must press the "Delete" option

factory reset Apple Watch  5 6.png

Step 6

Finally, the process of how the Apple Watch It is restored to factory settings. We must wait for the process to end.

factory reset Apple Watch 5 6.jpg

2. How to reset Apple Watch 5 from the iPhone

If you want to use the iPhone to perform the factory reset of the Apple Watch 5, only the steps indicated below should be performed:

Step 1

The procedure will begin by entering the "Watch" application directly on the iPhone.

reset a Apple Watch 5 01.jpg

Step 2

Subsequently, several alternatives are shown on the screen, we choose “General”

reset a Apple Watch 5 02.png

Step 3

We scroll down to click on the “Reset” section

reset a Apple Watch 5 03.png

Step 4

Next we will see several sections with which you can make specific deletions to the Apple Watch select "Clear content and settings"

reset a Apple Watch 5 04.png

Step 5

An informational window is now displayed that says that once the deletion is done, you cannot revert. As we are sure that if we want to reset the clock, click on "Clear content and settings"

reset a Apple Watch 5 05.png

Step 6

Automatically shows on the screen the development of the process of restoration and deletion of all the contents of the Apple Watch.

reset a Apple Watch 5 06.jpg

With this procedure the Apple Watch 5 will be as new and can be started from scratch and linked to the iPhone phone.

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