How to restore a folder's original icon on macOS

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How to restore a folder's original icon on macOS 1

Customizing our Mac computer is easy that was cherished at the time. Turn on your favorite computer and sound or song, wake up the alarm, hide the top menu bar for more space, are just a few examples of what we can do seconds after our tutorial.

Some time ago We teach you exactly how to change the app icon for more of your style thanks to the questions that our readers asked us. Very simple system you use a lot to personalize your Mac computer, but that brings us to another question posed in the comments How do I recover a folder icon on macOS ?.

How to restore a folder's original icon on macOS

Time required: 1 minute.

Restoring the original icon of a folder that we have changed from the system is much easier than it looks. Forget having to look at system folders or terminal codes to reset all icons. As we did to change it initially, we just need to enter the folder information to recover it as we will see below:

  1. Select Folder

    We select the folder or application that we have changed the icon for and we want to restore.

  2. Folder information

    Once selected, press the perintah + i combination command to view the folder information (or through the File menu> Get info)

  3. Click on the icon

    From the pop-up window that opens, we do it again click in the icon that appears at the top left. Doing so would seem like a waste of time to indicate that we have chosen it.

  4. Cut it

    Once selected, press the Command kombinasi + X key combination to cut and restore the default icon (We can also do this via the menu> Edit> Cut).

Just click on the cut option, custom icons in our app or folder will return to the default system icon, can leave it like this or change it for another system icon or one we downloaded on our computer.


Howpple video tutorial: How to restore the original icon on macOS

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