How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free

by Kelvin

WinX DVD Ripper Pro Free for Mac

One of the uses you give your iPhone the most is the reproduction of high-quality multimedia content. Music and video live on your device and accompany you wherever you go. Practically We carry everything in tow in digital format. Not long ago, when you wanted to enjoy a good movie at home, you had to buy the movie on DVD or rent it at one of the many stores in your area. And if you are in love with cinema, Surely you have many movies in physical format that now you can not put on your iPhone or iPad or on your Android tablets and mobiles. Would you like to enjoy them again wherever you go?

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 8

WinX DVD Ripper Free is an application for Mac with which you will convert your physical DVDs to the most popular digital video and audio formats so you can view them on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, computers, consoles, etc. The application is translated into Spanish and using it is a child's game. And why "Ripper"? Because "rip" is what the process of converting a physical format to a digital format is called. So … are we preparing to rip the DVDs?


The WinX DVD Ripper Free screen

The work screen of WinX DVD Ripper Free has a very simple and clear structure so that ripping your DVDs is a very simple process. At the top of the window you will find a bar with icons to select the DVD source. When you insert a DVD, the tracks will be shown in the middle. To the right of the central part is a video viewing area that you have chosen to convert. You can use the play buttons to go to the part of the video that interests you.

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 9

Starting to rip the DVD to pass it to the iPhone

To start ripping, you must introduce the DVD you want to convert. If you want to choose another source other than the physical DVD, you must press the first button on the toolbar. With this method, you can also use the VIDEO_TS folder (which is what you will see if you explore a DVD from the Mac Finder) or an ISO image that you must have stored on a storage device (hard drive, USB, etc). Just choose what you want to rip a window will appear with the list of available formats to which you can convert the movie.

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 10

Select the movie output format

The output format selection window is organized by device types. You will find the most current devices: Devices Apple, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, Android devices, Windows, etc. From each of them there are several predefined formats according to the quality you want to obtain, the pixel size of the movie you will get and the encoding you will use (codec). You will not have problems in convert to MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV… Depending on the device you have chosen, the application will recommend a specific format for you to take full advantage of the conversion.

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 11

If you are not convinced by the conversion parameters proposed by the application, after selecting one of them you can change them to increase or decrease the quality of the film of both the image and the sound. The modification of these parameters will affect both the quality of the resulting film and the final size it will occupy.

Choose what you want to convert

In the central part of the program you must mark the tracks you want to convert. You can convert the whole movie or a part of it. In this case, click on the scissor-shaped icon that you have at the end of each of the DVD tracks. In the window that will be shown, you can choose the portion of the movie you want to rip as well as other elements such as the volume of the audio, the possibility to add subtitles from a subtitle file, trim a part of the selected track or directly cut the track.

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 12

Once you have selected all the options, you must click on the blue button, Run, to start the conversion. The converted movie will be saved in the output directory you have indicated, although you can configure this directory by default from the program options. When the conversion is finished you only have to connect your device to the Mac and pass the movie through iTunes so you can enjoy it on the iPhone or iPad.

How to rip DVDs on Mac to watch them on iPhone with WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free 13

Other possibilities

WinX DVD Ripper Free is not limited to ripping your DVDs. Some of the added functions that you will find in the application are:

  • The company is constantly updating anti-copy systems that bring physical DVS. You will not be resisted by any DVD.
  • Can share ripped DVDs on social networks more numerous like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more.
  • Can extract the audio and store parts of the video in JPG images. Convert that live DVD to MP3 that you like so much.
  • If your computer has a Core i5 or Core i7 with Hyperthreading, get the most out of the application by improving ripping with these processors.


WinX DVD Ripper Free is a great application so that your physical DVDs don't get dust and you can continue enjoying their contents on your new digital devices. The clear and simple interface that it has, its simple use, the large number of supported formats and devices and the configuration possibilities The output formats make this application a must if you are a DVD lover. Its powerful ripping system, skipping DVD anti-copy systems, is one of the best we have been able to evaluate. If you have to put a but it would be the inability to move the windows in which we work so that in some moments they can get to cover some information that we need to see.

Download WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free for Mac

If you do not have this application on your Mac, you can install it through the direct download link that you will find below.

Download WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free

WinX DVD Ripper Mac Free, to rip physical DVDs It is available for free.