How to rotate a video on Android

by Kelvin
How to rotate a video on Android

There are few things more frustrating than watching a video that has been recorded with the wrong orientation, so you have to turn the phone – or your head, if you are watching it on a fixed screen – to know what is happening. Fortunately, turn videos on Android is very easy and it doesn't need you to install any app.

While all gallery apps allow you to rotate photos, when it comes to rotating videos the offer is scarcer. While there are many apps on Google Play that can rotate videos, it is most likely that you already have one installed that can: Google Photos (at the moment it is not possible with Gallery Go).


Rotate videos with Google Photos

If you have a rotated video that you recorded by mistake or that someone sent you, you only need to open it in Google Photos. Note that videos and photos on the device are available in the tab Albums – Photos on the device. When you have located the video in question, open it and Touchez on the Edit button, centered at the bottom.

Edit pictures

As for video editing, Google Photos allows you to do three operations: stabilize, crop and turn. Touchez this last option to rotate the video 90 degrees counterclockwise. If that has not yet made it right, touch again to continue the rotation until you find the right angle.


When you have everything ready, press save. The process will take a little time if it is a long video and your mobile is a little bit of power, but it should generally be ready in a few seconds or at most a minute. Note: the original video is kept, Google Photos creates a copy of it that is the one that is rotated.

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