How to rotate the screen in macOS

How to rotate the screen in macOS 1

Most monitors are landscape oriented, which is wider than the height. This is how the built-in screen on a laptop is oriented. If you have a Macbook. either you use an external display, or you have used a new one Apple a screen that can support both orientations, you might be interested to know how you can rotate the screen in macOS.

Rotate external display

Open the System Preferences application and open the Display Preferences. On the View tab, you will see a 'Rotation' drop-down menu. Open it up and you will see three different angles listed there; 90, 180 and 270. Selecting the 90 degree option will rotate it to the left, 180 degree will rotate it, and 270 will rotate it to the right.

After choosing which direction to rotate, you must confirm that you want to make the change permanently. If you do not confirm it in time, the screen will return to its original orientation.

Rotate internal display – Macbook

If you have a Macbook and use the same trick to try rotating the screen, you will see that the Play option simply does not appear. This might make it appear that the Macbook's internal display cannot be rotated, but that is not the case.


If you have the System Preferences application open, close it. After closing, hold down Option + Command on your keyboard. Left-click the System Preferences application in the Dock to open it. Do not release Option + Command.

Once the System Preferences app opens and you still hold down Option + Command, click Display Preferences. This time, the preference for the internal screen on your Macbook will show the rotation dropdown menu that it shows for the external screen . The same rules apply; You can rotate the screen 90, 180 and 270 degrees. 90 will rotate it to the left, 180 will reverse it and 270 will rotate it to the right.

How to rotate the screen in macOS 2

Like an external display, you must confirm that you want to keep the new orientation within the specified time limit. If you do not confirm it, the screen orientation will return to normal.

If you're wondering why the rotate screen option is hidden on a Macbook, it probably has something to do with Apple trying to prevent users from accidentally changing it. There was a time when you could really change the orientation of a screen Windows PC with keyboard shortcuts and causes a lot of problems Windows users who accidentally run shortcuts. Apple right to think about the future.

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