How to rotate the videos you have recorded on your Android phone

by Kelvin
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One of the things that are usually done on a regular basis with devices that use the operating system Android It is the recording video. But, sometimes, either because of the rush or simply because of ignorance, their orientation is not the best possible (generally, the best option is horizontal). If you need rotate the recording, it is possible to achieve this quite simply on phones and tablets.

It is true that there are a lot of applications that allow you to do this, since the operating system of the Mountain View firm does not allow you to rotate videos. But in our case we will indicate what has to be done with a development that is completely free and that, currently, almost all phones and tablets are included: Google Photos (in case you don't have it, you can always download it at no cost at this link from Play Store). The case is that with this work you can achieve the objective that we have indicated and, in addition, with a good quality and without being anything that has to be done complex.


By the way, if you wonder if it takes a long time to rotate a video with Google Photos for Android, you have to say no, but it all depends on the duration that this has, since internal processes must be carried out that are essential. So, if the recording is very long and the Android smartphone is not very powerful, you may have to be patient … but what is certain is that the results will be optimal.

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Steps to rotate video on Android using Google Photos

The first thing you have to be clear about is if the video is accessible from the application we are talking about. If you have activated the automatic upload to the cloud using this tool, you will not have to do anything to see it in the application interface. Otherwise, you will have to manually access the place where you have it stored (this is achieved by browsing the folders of the device within Google Photos, there is no loss). When this is done, you will be ready to start with the transformation.

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Now you have to search for the video in Google Photos for Android, something you can do by scrolling down in the application's interface or by using the search bar at the top. The case is that when you find the file to modify, you must click on it to access the options. Now on the screen you will see the content and, in addition, several icons at the bottom. You must choose the one in the center, which has three lines with adjustment dials.

You enter a new screen in which you have in the lower area a timeline with the frames of the video – this allows you to cut it if necessary – and, somewhat below, you can see two options that are Stabilize and Turn. Which interest to choose in Google Photos is the second. Now you have to touch on the screen so that it rotates the video until it fits what you need. You will notice that, if the recording is vertical, the image does not expand simply varies – and the sides are filled with black color … there is no other way to achieve this – since the information necessary to enlarge it is not available. But, at least it will change and everything will fit.

This done, and what has been done convinces you of the result, you just have to confirm that you want save changes (This is achieved in the upper right area), and from now on you will have the correct view of the recording you made in a way that you should not due to error or haste. The case is that as I could see, rotate a video on Android is the most simple and, in addition, it is not necessary to spend absolutely nothing to achieve it. An excellent option that is sure to be useful for many.

A final detail: if you want to try different developments To Google Photos to rotate video with an Android phone or tablet, we suggest you try the following (due to its good quality):

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