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Do you play PUBG often but the delay discourages you? This guide will help you run PUBG Mobile smoothly.

Thanks to Tencent, people will have a virtual chicken dinner. That has become an achievement for players. Hardcore PUBG fans would say that the PC version is infamous for its poor optimization, but luckily, the mobile version can be optimized to work flawlessly on any device.


How to run PUBG Mobile without problems

Today, most phones are equipped with 6GB of RAM and a processor that can handle high-end games with a few tweaks, but we don't just play games on our phones; There are other applications that monopolize the RAM of our phone. Managing that seems complicated, but there is a solution for every problem. I'm going to list a few tricks that will run PUBG Mobile with no problems, without much hassle.

I have listed 5 methods that will run PUBG on your phone as smooth as butter.

Optimizing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers you robust options to optimize game settings. To get the controls, head over to the Settings tab in the upper right corner. Select the "Graphics" option from the menu. Here you can see some options. You can adjust them manually or select the last option, “Automatic adjustment graphics”. Touchez "Activate". By doing so, frequent frame drops will decrease. If desired, you can edit individual options such as Smooth or Balanced in the Graphics option, No style in style, and Low or Medium in frame rate. I would recommend that you select "Auto Tuning Graphics" as it will automatically reduce the game settings to run PUBG Mobile smoothly.

RAM management

RAM is often considered the villain when phones frequently reload apps. In some cases, you can blame them as not all manufacturers equip their phones with 16GB RAM (Hello Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra!). Before playing PUBG Mobile, please delete all your apps from recent memory or at least the ones you rarely use.

Uninstall unused apps or games so they don't hog your RAM. Also, check for unnecessary services running in the background. Most manufacturers offer a built-in option to manage RAM. For example, him Samsung S20 series offers app fixing function so you can fix 3 or 5 applications / games.

Delay fixes

  • Network – Be sure to connect to strong Wi-Fi whenever possible. The use of mobile data may cause a delay.
  • Ping Lag – PUBG Mobile players have reported high ping or packet loss issues. This means that when you execute an action, it is first sent to the server. The ping depends on how long it takes to get to the server and actually happen. To fix this make sure you are connected to the correct server in PUBG Mobile. The option is on the home screen in the upper left corner of the menu. Select the location you are in.
  • Restart your device. This will solve the slightest problems.

Editing configuration files (non-rooted devices)

Editing configuration files is quite complicated. But I will help you in the different steps. You will need to download ES File Explorer and PUBG configuration converter. These tools will help non-rooted devices edit the configuration files.

Step 1: After downloading both files, open ES File Explorer and look for PUBG Mobile UserCustom.ini file. You can locate in Android / data / com.tencent.ig / files / UE4Game / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Config / Android

Step 2: Change the file extension to .TXT and open it in a notepad. ES File Explorer has a built-in ES Note Editor.

Step 3: You will see many numbers that will confuse you. Now, the PUBG configuration converter will come for your rescue.

Step 4: Copy the values ​​written after + CVars =, and paste them into the top bar of the converter and Touchez decode.

Step 5: The converter will deduce the input and can edit the values. Just edit the values ​​that will really make a difference in performance. These values ​​include quality, shade, flowering, depth of field, refraction, etc.

Step 6: You must perform the process again to change all settings to the minimum value. You will get the best performance even with a low-end device.

You can change the following values:

+ CVars = r.UserQualitySetting = 0 + CVars = r.Shadow.CSM.MaxMobileCascades = 0 + CVars = r.DetailMode = 0
+ CVars = r.UserHDRSetting = 0+ CVars = r.StaticMeshLODDistanceScale = 0.8+ CVars = r.MobileNumDynamicPointLights = 0
+ CVars = r.ShadowQuality = 0+ CVars = r.DepthOfFieldQuality = 0+ CVars = r.Streaming.PoolSize = 200
+ CVars = r.PUBGQualityLevel = 1+ CVars = r.Shadow.MaxCSMResolution = 4+ CVars = foliage.MinLOD = 0
+ CVars = r.PUBGLDR = 0+ CVars = r.BloomQuality = 0+ CVars = r.MaxAnisotropy = 1
+ CVars = r.MobileHDR = 1+ CVars = r.RefractionQuality = 0+ CVars = r.ParticleLODBias = 2
+ CVars = r.MobileContentScaleFactor = 0.75+ CVars = r.LightShaftQuality = 0+ CVars = r.EmitterSpawnRateScale = 0.5
+ CVars = r.MaterialQualityLevel = 0+ CVars = foliage.LODDistanceScale = 0.6

GFX Tool (rooted devices only)

To use the GFX Tool, Your phone needs to be rooted. I would not recommend that you root your smartphone just for a smoother PUBG gaming experience. This method, unlike non-rooted devices, does not go around the bush. It is easy and effective.

Follow the image below to set preferences. Be sure to click "OK." Once this is done, the button will display "Run Game". If you click on this, the application will take you directly to the game.

How to run PUBG Mobile without problems

Frequent questions

How do I stop the PUBG delay?

To stop the delay in PUBG, please update your Android device to the latest version. Manage your RAM, clean apps you rarely use. Reduce the frame rate. Graphics play a big role, so enable auto-adjust graphics.

6gb of RAM is enough for mobile PUBG?

A Snapdragon 660 processor and 6GB RAM will handle PUBG Mobile with ease. Be sure to adjust the graphics settings and clear the cache.

Why the PUBG delay?

PUBG is delayed if its cache accumulates on your smartphone. To clear the cache, you will need to enter "Recovery Mode".


I will let you choose a method that suits your smartphone. Any of the above mentioned methods will be enough to run PUBG Mobile without problems. I recommend caution when trying the GFX tool. Rooted devices are tricky, so if something happens to your device, WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE!

Are there other methods that worked for you? Let our readers know in the comment section below.

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