How to Safely Share Photos and Files on Samsung

by Kelvin
Безопасный обмен фотографиями и файлами на Samsung

To do this, he installed the Private Share option on all smartphones along with One User Interface. Without any difference between some mobile phones and others, as well as in different bands, any terminal developed by Samsung can offer us the kind of add-on that will change the lives of many when it comes to sharing personal files without any fear that someone might see them.

Safely Sharing Photos and Files on Samsung

Private share

This feature that started out as an add-on that we had to download from Galaxy Store eventually became an add-on to the device. A tool that ensures complete privacy between two users of Samsung mobile phones. Apps are increasingly encrypting content, and Samsung is doing the same until no one can know what we’re sending. Works both over Wi-Fi network and mobile data, encryption of the sent and received signal between contacts. Guaranteeing our peace of mind at all times.


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How to use it

To start sharing personal files, we only need to have private sharing. If your mobile phone is older and not pre-installed, you can always get it from Samsung store and install it safely. Once it appears on the smartphone, we just need to select the item or items that you want to share from files or from the gallery.

Then, when you click the button to send them, it will appear among the Private Share options. When you select it, the application will open, and we will need to choose among our entire list of contacts to whom we want to send it. We can even select a user who has not tried this feature yet, who will receive a shortcut to launch it in One UI.

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Options to share include a classic text message, a link via another app such as WhatsApp, or a hint to help us with a QR code if another person is with us. Once you access and confirm it, personal conversation will be launched and he or she will be able to access the protected photo or file that we send you.

Privacy features

You may be wondering what this Samsung option offers us besides file sharing with another tool. We’ll start with the advanced encryption we mentioned at the beginning, although there are other reasons that will make us choose and prefer this tool to keep our files safe on our phone.

  • Expiry Date: Self-destructing files and photos is one of the best features we find as we can limit the time that a particular user can see what we have sent. After this time, it will no longer be available and will be lost forever. This is why this is the best way to send secure photos without harming us.
  • Impossible to take a photo: One of the biggest fears when sharing photos, videos or files is that another person might take a photo and send it again. Fortunately, Samsung has everything thought out, and it’s impossible to do this from Private Share.
  • The transfer is blocked: obviously they will not be able to share it with another person again, so we make sure that only he or she can see it.
  • Private number: even if the contact is not saved in the phone book, we can send or receive items. You just need to go into private sharing settings and click on the contact number to set up your own, which we can send to anyone.

Protect it 100%

When we use Private Share, we are faced with the problem that the default application is not protected with a PIN, password or some other security method that prevents anyone from taking a mobile phone and seeing what they shared with us. But, nevertheless, Samsung has additional measures that we must accompany if we are to achieve complete privacy.

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This is why we have to resort to Samsung Secure Folder. This is activated in Settings> Biometrics & Security to then select this application. Thus, only we, knowing the unlock key, will be able to see what they have shared with us, and no one else will even know about its existence, even if we lend them a mobile phone.

Does it work on other mobiles?

Unfortunately, this app is only allowed on Samsung terminals with One UI, so even if we try to download Private Share with an invite or APK, it won’t be possible to get it to work. We will have to settle for traditional methods or choose one of the alternatives for sharing secure files that exist, although not with the same advantages.

Remove metadata

The first thing we must do to protect the photos that we share in any medium is to delete the data that gives information about us. Details of where the photo was taken, the date and even the camera settings are stored in each photo. We can solve this problem with a feature that has been integrated into all smartphones with Android 11 or higher. When submitting a photo from the gallery, you just need to tap on the privacy option and make sure no unnecessary information is sent.

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Set password

Before sending a file, photo or video, the measure we can use on Android and Ios is based on file compression. With the help of the file manager, at some levels of customization, we have the ability to compress it and add a key that only the one to whom we provide it will know. A security measure In some cases this may sound exaggerated, but not when it comes to compromised content, security is never the case.

To help you get it on other mobile devices without this option, we just need to download the RAR app or one of the alternatives. From it, you just need to generate new content and select whatever you want from your phone memory. Then we decide to protect him and can Navarro to the desired person, also giving him the key.