how to save 50% of the fee

by Kelvin
YouTube premium para estudantes: cómo ahorrar el 50% de la cuota

We know that having several music and video streaming services can be very expensive month by month. To be able to see and hear everything you want, you must spend a large amount of money every month and you may not be willing to do so. If you have considered having YouTube Premium you should know that you have all the music of YouTube no ads and also exclusive content. It is a good alternative to have some video and all the music you want, so you can put aside other services such as Spotify. Today we tell you how to save on the monthly subscription of YouTube Premium Specifically you can save you 50%.

Is there a trick? Well, the reality is yes. Not all users can benefit from this promotion, although the good news is that it is not something temporary: it is implemented forever in the list of subscriptions. As you have already read in the title, this is the subscription for students of YouTube Premium Y YouTube Premium Music


Pay half for YouTube Premium, only 4.99 euros per month

If you enter the application of YouTube and click on the icon of your profile you will see a button to subscribe in the payment format. This subscription has a cost of 9.99 euros in Spain and the equivalent in dollars or Mexican pesos. This amount may be a lot for you, but how about half? From the subscriptions section you can select an option that cuts the fee in half. It is the subscription for students of YouTube Premium

If you select it YouTube It will tell you that you must verify that you are a student There is no way to skip this step and if you are not currently studying we recommend you not to try. YouTube use platform collaboration Sheerid To verify that you are a student. After filling in some of your personal data, the verification will proceed.

If SheerID verifies your student situation you can formalize the Payment setup for 4.99 euros / dollars per month by YouTube Premium and YouTube Premium Music

More than 50 countries can enjoy this student subscription

In the beginning of YouTube Premium student subscription was limited to the United States. At the moment the thing changes, because More than 50 countries can agree to pay half if they are studying.

The list is quite complete and leaves us with almost all the countries of Europe and Latin America. To check if you can access this promotion in your country, simply access the application YouTube, click on the icon of your profile and then on ‘Subscribe to YouTube Premium ’. In this section, several subscription options should be included, among which is that of students with a 50% discount. If it does not appear you should wait until the company decides to implement it in your country.