How to save and save the game The Division 2

by Kelvin

How to save and save the game The Division 2 3

We tell you how to save and save the game The Division 2. For what we have played so far, many of the systems and mechanics are familiar territory on this occasion.

How to save and save the game The Division 2

As with the first game, the Division 2 uses a persistent world design, which means that the game is constantly connected to Ubisoft's online servers.


Even if you play alone and do not relate to cooperative areas such as the Dark Zone, you are still connected to a server. That means saving is not something you have to do manually.

In fact, the Division 2 has an automatic save system, so if you don't see any option to save your progress, don't worry, everything is being taken care of behind the scenes.

For the most part, it is a fairly convenient configuration, but the lack of an option to save manually can be a nuisance when you want to leave a mission halfway.

Usually, you will lose your progress and will have to restart from the nearest control point, instead of being able to jump and exit from exactly where you left off.

Just be careful not to carry out long missions too close to bedtime. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you will have to keep pressing until the end or risk losing your progress.

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