Telegram has launched a new update (Telegram 5.11), available for both iOS and Android. The main novelty is the possibility of programming messages. Now, the messaging service allows you to write messages to be sent at the time you want, something that can be very useful for work issues or when you need someone to wait to receive news.


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It is not the only change that has reached the application. In addition to the ability to schedule messages, we also have new privacy options, as well as a cloud theme creator more simple, in which it is only necessary to choose a main color.

How to schedule a message on Telegram

Programming a message on Telegram is very simple, although for that, logically, you will need to have the new update 5.11, which as we say is already available for Android or iOS devices. Once installed, if you want to send a message later, you just have to make a long touch on the send button within the contact and click on the option Schedule message. You will see a kind of calendar with the days and hours, very similar to that of Facebook. Here you just have to select the exact day and time you want your message to reach its recipient.


Once the message is programmed, it will remain within Reminders in the chat itself. You can access it from an icon that appears next to the submit button. Thus, if you have changed your mind, you can delete it before it is sent. If this is not the case, it will be sent once at the time the day arrives and the time you set.

Other news

As if this were not enough, privacy has also improved. In this new version it is already possible to hide the phone number worldwide. For this it is necessary to go to the privacy settings and choose the option No one in “Who can see my number? This also enables a new section of settings where it is possible to restrict what contacts can be found from your phone number.

Also, the latest version has also included a simple mode of editing, the Mono theme. As the name implies, it is a theme based on a single color. In this way, after choosing the Mono theme in the settings, you can choose a color from among those that appear or any other. The theme automatically creates all colors for the interface based on the one you have chosen.

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