Instagram It is one of the fashion applications, and as such continues to improve for the convenience of its users. However, the social network still lacks many things to polish, such as for example the possibility of programming publications whenever we want. Although at the moment it cannot be done natively, there is no button that allows us to publish them at the time and day we want as if it happens in Facebook, this can be achieved through a free app.


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His name is to Apphi and it has been created basically to schedule publications in Instagram. Use similar publishing options, although also the necessary steps are added to program it whenever we want. Apphi is very simple to use and is available for download at no cost on both the Google Play and the App Store. Below we explain how you can take advantage of it.

How to use Apphi to schedule posts in Instagram

Once you have downloaded Apphi on your device, you will have to log in with Instagram, by entering your username and password on the screen shown. You also have the option to login or register with an account in Apphi itself, although you will need to link your account to Instagram in the same way.

You need to keep in mind that in order to log in to the app with your account Instagram, you must first deactivate the verification in two steps of Instagram. You can do it from the Security section in the application settings. Once you log in you can activate it again. If you have already done all these steps and are logged in, what are you waiting for to start using the app and schedule publications?


On the main screen, you will see a tab with the word Large Programming right at the bottom. Press it. Then, different options will appear (Photo Library, Drag and drop, search and republish, history …). Click on Photo Library and accept that the app can access your images. Next, select the image you want to appear in Instagram in your future post. As in any publication of Instagram, you can write a caption, tag people, add your location, even add the first comment. Once you have completed everything click on Next.


The next thing you'll see will be a screen to enter the time of publication, if you want some time to delete the post or repeat it. Apphi gives you suggestions for, depending on the day you want to schedule, to indicate the best time for you to do it. In this way, your publications will be much more visible.


All the publications that you are programming will appear in Apphi, so that you can have them in order if at any time you need to modify any. If this is your case, you just have to click on the one you want to make the changes. Not only can you edit it to put other text, labels, location, or simply change the time of publication and day. It also allows you to publish immediately or delete it, if you regret it published. As you have imagined, all the publications that arrive at the programming time you set, will disappear once they are published in the app of Instagram. In addition, you will receive an email if you have not noticed.

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