Have you ever wondered if there is a simpler way to share the WiFi password? You have to take a picture of the sticker behind the router, or write the code on a piece of paper and then transcribe it in a message … Well, from now on Google Photos presents a solution to this and other problems related to extract text from photos. Something most convenient for those who use the mobile for everything.


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And is that Google Photos is launching a new OCR feature in your application. It is staggered to all users, so it may take time to appear on your mobile. It consists of optical character recognition (OCR is its acronym in English), and it is neither more nor less than detecting the text in a photo or image. Something really useful to avoid time transcribing that text on the mobile, or to take information from a photo, copy it and paste it directly where we want to send it.

Step by Step

The operation is really simple, and is fully integrated into Google Photos. It is carried out thanks to the Google Lens tool, which analyzes the images to make related searches.

Just take a screenshot of a web page, or a photo of a text, such as a restaurant menu. Then go to Google Photos, and look for this image. By clicking on it you will see the context menu with the tools to share at the bottom. Among them is the Google Lens icon, square with a point in the center.

search by text google photos

Click on Google Lens for this tool to do its "magic" and scan the image for information and text. Once this is done select, in the image, the text you want to copy. It's as easy as long press and extend the selector through all the text you want to mark. Just as you would in a web or a conversation.

With this, Google Lens shows a card with different options. Among them is that of copy. In this way we can instantly transcribe the text of a photograph and take it anywhere: a chat, an email, a note, etc. In addition Google Photos does not discriminate by languages ​​or fonts. If the photo is good enough (light and clear text) for Google Lens to find the text, there will be no problem transcribing, understanding, translating, copying and pasting any character from an image.

Of course, the most interesting thing about this function is that, when looking at Google Photos, we can search for the text in them. Something that will allow us to have signed all the information in the photos to find it if necessary.

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