If you are looking for an image from your Android mobile in Google Chrome, you may have seen something that has not gone unnoticed. A small icon, corresponding to the Google Lens application, now appears at the top of the image, next to the other share and bookmark icons. We can see it in more detail in the following screenshot.


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chrome images

Well, we are going to tell you what this integrated Google Lens button is used for in Google image results. If you press it, you can ‘draw’ with your finger, on the photo, the element you want to search. For example, in the next two captures, we have the image of a landscape composed of a plain with a tree. Imagine that you want photos similar to the image of the specific tree: you just have to mark the tree area with the finger. Automatically, the outline will become a search frame and images similar to the content of that outline will appear.

google lens

In this way, Google integrates its Google Lens functionality into the image results. Google Lens appeared a while ago to offer the user greater interactivity with the images he saw, or took with his camera. Thanks to Google Lens, for example, we can translate the text of a poster in a foreign country, take a photo of the poster of a concert and save the date on the agenda, identify a flower that we see on the street with a simple scan or even View online, pointing to the barcode of a product, if that item is more or less cheap in your favorite online store.

Google Lens is integrated, in addition to the Google stock camera, in its Smart Assistant. To make use of Google Lens, we just have to say ‘Ok Google’ and then say ‘What's on my screen’? Right at the bottom will appear the Google Lens icon and, if you press it and grant the corresponding permissions, the camera will open and you will only have to aim at your objective. You can also download Google Lens as a separate application in the Google Play Store.

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