How to see how many downloads or songs were played on Spotify

by Kelvin
How to see how many downloads or songs were played on Spotify

Spotify is one of the world's leading music streaming services, along with names like Deezer and Apple Music There are millions of songs available on the platform for reading. From hits by famous artists with Billboard 100 hits under his belt, to songs from independent players in niche genres.

If you are looking for your next favorite song, or if you want to see the most popular and see everything about the commotion, see our practical guide.


Show me figures

There are several different ways to verify how many songs are being played on Spotify. Fortunately, everything is easy and does not need more than a few seconds. The first option is to open your Spotify application or access the web version here, type the artist you are looking for and go directly to their page.

Once you get there, you will see your 10 most popular songs, at least in the last month. Directly through the names of these songs, you will see how many songs they have. That is a simpler method, because the correct amount of flow is immediately visible.

For example, here you can see the artist's page for the British band Arctic Monkeys, which shows their most played songs, with the main song "Do I Wanna Know?" Which has more than 750 million transmissions.

See how many downloads or play songs on Spotify

Or, if you try to find a song that is outside the artist that plays the most, it can also be done, even with a few additional steps. Unlike the 10 main songs, the screen does not display directly on the song page. So what do you need to do to see the flow count for another song? Nothing is too complicated, do not worry.

First, find the album where the song is located, then click. After logging in, you will see the complete song list. When you find the song you are looking for, move the mouse over the small lines on the right side of the screen (indicating the "range" of the song) to see the number you are looking for. The lines are in the same place where the flow numbers for the most popular songs are shown.

Hey, how was my song?

If you are an artist / musician who has songs on Spotify, and you want to check the statistics of your songs, you should go to the Spotify profile for Artists. From there, you can see how many times your song has been transmitted, and you will have access to additional information. This includes where in the world it flows more or not. In addition, how many and what playlists are part of the song, etc.

Also, if you have added songs to your library, it is even easier to access numbers. You do not need to search for songs in the application. Remember that all these tips are intended for the web or desktop version of Spotify, because the same functionality is not available in the mobile version. So, your best option, to be sure, is to find what you need on your PC or laptop.

how many downloads or songs are played on spotify

The power of the council

If you want the same options to be available in the mobile version of Spotify, go directly to the Spotify community site and contribute your voice. The Spotify developer has shown its willingness to listen to its users, so this idea could produce results with sufficient support, and every vote counts.

Do you have other specific questions or tricks to share when it comes to Spotify? Feel free to give us one or two comments.

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