How to see the presentation of the iPhone 11 in a simple way

by Kelvin
How to see the presentation of the iPhone 11 in a simple way

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If you want to see the presentation of the iPhone 11 that will take place next Tuesday, September 10, we have many things to tell you. Historically, Apple He had always reserved his live shows (the vast majority) to your own website, from which we could see their keynotes.

It will no longer be so, since in addition to that page Apple has made available to users a live from YouTube. Yes, as you read: it is the first time that a keynote as important as that of the iPhone takes place on the Google platform.


Therefore we will review the 2 different ways you have to follow the presentation live, either from your website or from your live page. YouTube, without any restrictions.

How to watch the presentation of the iPhone 11: now you have a live in YouTube

The first way is novelty: Apple has enabled a live in YouTube So anyone can see it. It's as simple as watching live from YouTube, and in fact, you can set a reminder so that the web notifies you in case it starts and you don't remember the date.

This is great news for users, because so far we were limited to the direct signal itself that although they have a very good quality had certain restrictions. It is not uncommon to hear from users who had to locate the root web address of the video and insert it in VLC, especially on Android devices or Windows to see the keynotes of Apple. In addition, we will no longer depend on having a specific version of our browser.

If on the other hand you want to follow the tradition and see the live one from the web, you will have to click on this link to see it there. Keep in mind that here you can also select a reminder to not miss the conference.

The movement of Apple which allows to see the presentation of the iPhone 11 from YouTube it entails only advantages; It is more accessible, simpler and also everyone with access to YouTube You will see the live one. It is not a mystery that Apple It is intended that this keynote has greater reach, and therefore users can be in luck.

The presentation will take place at 7:00 p.m. in Spain. In Omicrono we will be at the foot of the canyon to bring you all the news, so we recommend you to be attentive to all the news.

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