How to send a Chrome tab to your phone

by Kelvin
How to send a Chrome tab to your phone

Send Chrome tabs to your phone or tablet

Surely it happened to you more than once: you are reading something in the browser of your PC or laptop and you would like continue doing it on your phone mobile. It is true that there are some scams with which you can do it, but today we are going to show you a very simple and fast way that will only force you to make a couple of clicks with your mouse. Yes, it's that simple.

In order to do so, yes, you must meet a requirement: that your browser on your PC is Chrome. And the function we are going to show you belongs to the «Experiments»From the Google browser, which is what the firm calls benefits that are still being tested and therefore are not 100% official – when you access them, you are always notified that their activation could cause loss of browser data or compromise the security or privacy of the user, keep that in mind.


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That said, we don't beg for more and we detail you Step by Step How to activate the sending of tabs:

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC.
  2. In the navigation bar type "chrome: // flags" (without the quotes) to access the Google Experiments area and press enter.
  3. Scroll through the options (or use the word search, which is faster) until you find «Send tab to self».
  4. In the drop-down menu that you will see to the right of this option, select «Enabled».
  5. A pop-up message will appear in the lower part of the window, indicating that the changes will be applied the next time you restart Google Chrome and a blue “Relaunch Now” button to do so immediately. Click on it.
  6. The browser will restart and reopen with the send option already enabled.

You only have to try the new feature of your browser. You are on the web you are, you just have to click on the right mouse button until you find it in the options box «Send to your devices» and select the equipment you want to send it to (if you have more than one). A notification will appear on your Android phone (as if it were a notice of any app) for you to open it – we have also tested on iOS, but it does not always work, eye.

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In addition to «Send tab to self», if you want you can also activate the options in the Experiments section «Send tab to self history» or «Send tab to self broadcast». The first is responsible for sending tabs to your Browser History, while the second allows you to send the tab to all the devices you have connected instead of just one.

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