How to send a fake location by WhatsApp to not show where I am on iPhone and Android? Step by step guide

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WhatsApp has a functionality that Allows its users to share the current location, using the GPS integrated in the smartphone. So you may prefer to send a fake location to the person who is requesting your current location in a given case.

For this there are a number of GPS fake, which will make it easier for you to send dummy locations through this tool without complications, in order to keep your location more private.


In this tutorial we will explain how you can send fake locations through it from any mobile device, be it Android or iOS. In the same way, we will show you different GPS applications that you can use for this purpose.

Steps to send an unreal location by WhatsApp on Android and iOS

It is possible to send the wrong GPS information, either from iOS or Android easily. Without the need to use any external program for this.

All you have to do when sending it is choose one of the locations near your current and in this way you will send another partially misleading location to not indicate where you are at that exact moment.

On Android

With this application you can send a location manually, allowing you to adjust your GPS location to not indicate where you are.

For this you just have to do the following:

  • Enter WhatsApp
  • Open the person’s chat to which you are going to send it.
  • In the tab of “Share”, you will choose the option of “Location”.

  • Now, you just proceed to choose location What do you want to send?

It should be noted that for no reason, you should choose the option «Real-time location». Since this will send the information of the moment. So you can browse the different options that WhatsApp shows you and send the one you want.

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On iOS

In iOS operating systems the procedure is similar, the option of “Share” You can find it in the lower right corner of your screen.

To send a fake location you have to do the following:

  • Enter the WhatsApp Messenger app.
  • Choose the contact to which you will send the information.
  • Click on the option to share files and select «Share location».
  • Once there you proceed to look for different Possible locations, which will be the closest to you. When you get it, you will choose and press the one you are going to send.

send fake location on whatsapp IOS

This way you have sent a wrong location without problems.

With an External App

There are different apps that allow you to fake your geolocation, these are called GPS fake, these will make your mobile show a different location to the one you are. All this manually and just by pressing some options.

In the case of Android devices, the first thing you must do is install and enable on your computer one of the many tools that serve to fake your place. There are different options, but the most used is Fake GPS on Android and Fake GPS Location on iOS.

On Android

You have to give permissions to the application you are going to use, in this case Fake GPS. For this you just have to activate developer options and mark Fake GPS (or the app you decide to use).

When you have done so, open it and choose any point on the map where you want to appear in WhatsApp and then press the icon «Play». This way you will already be simulating your location, you just have to send it, in this case if you must choose «Real-time location».

On iOS

In this case it is very similar. You just have to give permission to the application (if you request it), once you complete this procedure, you will have to open the app, choose the place of the map you want to show and ready, you will be falsifying your location.

When sending the location by WhatsApp, you have to choose «Real-time location » otherwise the person may know that the information sent is wrong.

List of the best applications to fake GPS and send fake locations by Wasap or other apps

The applications that can be used to fake the GPS They are very numerous and mainly on Android, where there is more variety to choose and try. Each of these can work in different ways:

Fake GPS location

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Fake GPS location

It is a very useful software, which comes with different features that will allow you to easily change your GPS location without much delay. In a few steps you will be using it without problems. You just have to find the place you want and it will automatically change the region.

I realize that if you want to remove it you have to replace your original location before uninstalling it, since it may be marked the one you entered as false as the original in the integrated GPS of your mobile.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

Fake GPS location Spoofer Free

This app offers the same functions as the one mentioned above, it works the same way, you just have to choose the new location you want to show. That app He has time in the market, which gives him an extra loyalty to it. It’s totally free, although it may contain different ads, but nothing annoying that can prevent you from using it.

GPS Fake Location – Hello

GPS False Location Hello

A different proposal from the previous ones in regards to the user interface, because the same It is more refined compared to those mentioned And this can be a great advantage. As it becomes easier to use.

Its operation is identical to many others, you just have to download it and Select the place you want to show and go.

Location Faker

IOS Location Faker

This is a complement to Cydia, which You can find it in the original Saurik store. With it you can select a fake location, no matter what. It should be noted that the device will use this position for all system locations.

Fake GPS Location!

Fake GPS location! IOs

You can practically change your GPS location with just one press on your screen, Easy to use and practical. It is available for iOS devices, it is completely free and its operation is identical to others already explained.

How to know if I have been sent a “fake” location by WhatsApp Messenger?

To distinguish whether a location is false or not, just look at some small details about the link of what they sent you. If the geolocation is false, that is, they have been searched by hand, the classic map will appear with the red arrow and with a link and the address below the image.

In case what they sent you is real, These details will not appear anywhere on the image, and only the map without description should appear.

It should be clarified that these details They do not apply to those Fake GPS tools, since they deceive the integrated GPS of your mobile, so when sending locations, the team will take them as real. As long as the person does not choose alternate locations.

GPS fake location by whatsapp

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! ????