How to send Chrome pages to other devices

by Kelvin
Cómo enviar páginas de Chrome a otros dispositivos

Google Chrome It is the best browser that you can currently download for Android. Not only does it have dozens of interesting features and is updated every few days, it also has other versions such as Beta or Canary to test countless improvements before anyone else. Today we focus on the latest update of Google Chrome stable. It's about the version 77 And it comes with some very interesting news. Among them, the possibility of send Chrome pages to other devices with just a couple of clicks. This task can be done in many ways and with different applications, but now Google Chrome has decided to simplify it.

It is an option to be able to send the page you are seeing on your mobile to another deviceeither a computer, tablet or other mobile. These devices to which you send the web should not be Android, they can also work with the operating system of Apple. It is a very comfortable thing that surely you have ever wondered why it could not be done.


How to send web pages from Chrome to other devices

This option comes after the Google Chrome update 77. If you have not downloaded it you must do it from Google Play or from this APK. After updating the function it will arrive on your device for you to use whenever you want. Carrying out a shipment is really simple:

  1. Open any web page you want to send
  2. Click on the points menu
  3. Click on ‘Share
  4. Select option ‘Send to your devices
  5. Select which devices you want to send

With these steps it is enough to send a web page of your mobile to your computer in just a few seconds. The new option is installed in the share menu and After pressing it, it will allow you to choose which device you use Google Chrome to send it to. It can be a tablet, another mobile or a computer.

In our case we have sent the ProAndroid page from our Android mobile to a MacBook Pro Apple. After doing so, and after 4/5 seconds, a notification has appeared on the computer screen. By pressing it you directly access the website you have sent.

The process is really simple. and very useful if you work with several devices simultaneously. Applications such as PushBullet or similar are no longer necessary. Now sending Chrome web pages to other devices is really simple after browser update 77.

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