How to send predefined messages in WhatsApp

by Kelvin
How to send predefined messages in WhatsApp 1

WhatsApp's popularity does not mean that this app not always live up to of what your users demand. And when something does not work well or we miss the odd function, there is always someone who remedies it With an app or a website.

From examples we have seen many, such as using two accounts at the same time without logging out and logging in, converting voice messages to text, saving the WhatsApp status of your contacts and much more.


Another example of a remedy to improve WhatsApp is the service Whatsapp, available for now via the web, who knows if in the future they will have their own dedicated app, and what is it for send predefined messages.

Through a simple blank form, we write a message and edit it at pleasure. Once we have the message ready, click on the button Send shaped like a paper plane, a nod to Telegram ?, and an official WhatsApp link will be generated to send that message to whomever you choose.

A mass message generator

WhatsAppr takes advantage of the WhatsApp API to go beyond what WhatsApp does by default, or rather, it offers us a shortcut to send the same message to several contacts without having to repeat it again and again.

In the words of its creator, “a URL of a WhatsApp message is a link that, when opened, allows the visitor forward a predefined message to your WhatsApp contacts. ”

How to send predefined messages in WhatsApp 2

We can use Whatsapp for free and freely. On its help page it gives us some ideas of use, such as sending a message to our friends separately, sharing a message with our audience in social networks or send a message to our users or customers through WhatsApp as a professional communication tool.

In summary, WhatsApp can be a very practical tool for both personal and professional use, and we can even generate predefined messages, save them and recover them subsequently from a simple web link.

Whatsapp It is not an official application, but when using the WhatsApp API its operation is simple and effective. You can use it both from the browser of a computer in case you use WhatsApp Web or do it from your smartphone or tablet to execute the link on your WhatsApp to iPhone or Android.

If you have any questions about the operation or conditions of use of Whatsapp You can check their frequently asked questions or even contact their author.

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