How to set up author tracking in Google Analytics for WordPress

How to set up author tracking in Google Analytics for WordPress 1

Do you know that Google Analytics can track the popularity of your blog authors?

Author Tracking is useful to know who is the most popular author on your blog and how many page views you get for your articles. It will also help website owners set author remuneration based on the performance of their content and traffic.

There is no default feature in Google Analytics to track authors individually. Therefore, you need a third-party tool to activate the feature and find popular posts on your site with the number of visits, average page time, bounce rate, etc.

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Why MonsterInsights?

 MonsterInsights "width =" 700 "height =" 415 "srcset =" 700w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/12 / MonsterInsights-300x178.png 300w, 600w "tama =" "m = "

MonsterInsights is a fantastic Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It's simple but powerful to discover even the hidden benefits of Analytics that you can use to find new opportunities and grow your business.

Track your audience in real time directly from your WordPress dashboard along with the page you visit, from which device, referral source, and more. You can also monitor digital downloads, affiliate links, banner ads, and outbound links to easily calculate your potential earnings.

The plugin is developed and maintained by the same team behind WPBeginner, OptinMonster and other WordPress related products.

Install MonsterInsights in WordPress

MonsterInsights allows you to integrate Google Analytics into WordPress in no time. First, you need to install this premium plugin on the site to put it into action.

To visit MonsterInsights and buy it with a 14-Day money back guarantee. Thereafter, you will have the option to download the plugin. Upload and activate on your WordPress website to set up.

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 MonsterInsights "width =" 550 "height =" 485 "srcset =" MonsterInsights-1.png 550w, https: //www.bloggingtriggers. com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/12 / MonsterInsights-1-300x265.png 300w, MonsterInsights-1-454x400.png 454w " tama = "" m = "

Follow the on-screen wizard to connect Google Analytics to your website. Once setup is complete, you will return to the MonsterInsights dashboard in WordPress.

Enter your license key to verify subscription and activate all features. MonsterInsights Pro version is required to track your online store metrics from WooCommerce, easy digital downloads, MemberPress and activate other useful features like scroll tracking, ad tracking, AMP tracking, form tracking, set custom dimensions, etc.

Setting up author tracking in Google Analytics through MonsterInsights

1. At MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights allows you track data by type of publication, author, category, tags, SEO score and others through the Custom Dimensions plugin.

Click Insights in the left pane of your WordPress dashboard and choose Settings. Open the "Conversions" tab on the main screen and scroll down to find the "Custom Dimensions" settings.

Author Tracking MonsterInsights "width =" 607 "height =" 354 "srcset =" 700w, https : // 300w, 12 / custom-dimensions-tracking-options-600x350.jpg 600w "tama =" "m ="

Click the "Add new custom dimension" button and choose "Author" in the Type box.

Done. You have successfully established a new custom dimension in Analytics to track blog authors.

two. Analytical Google

Sign in to Google Analytics and choose your website account to create custom dimensions. Choose "Administrator" in the left panel.

author tracking "width =" 350 "height =" 503 "srcset =" 350w, https: // www. 209w, 278w "tama =" "m ="

Select "Custom Definitions" in the Property section, followed by "Custom Dimensions". Press the red "New custom dimension" button.

author tracking "width =" 350 "height =" 380 "srcset =" author-tracking-1.png 350w, https: // autor-tracking-1-276x300.png 276w "tama =" "m ="

Type "Author" in the Name field and click Create.

WordPress author tracking "width =" 648 "height =" 197 "srcset =" author-tracking-2.png 648w, https: // autor-tracking-2-300x91.png 300w, autor -tracking-2-600x182.png 600w "tama =" "m ="

Collect the index number of the newly created dimension to connect it to the MonsterInsights configuration. Open your Custom Dimensions setting in WordPress and enter the Author index number (check the image above) in the Custom Dimension ID field.

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Now we need to configure custom reports in Analytics. Go back to your Google Analytics account and select "Personalization"> "Custom Reports" to generate author reports from your web traffic.

Touch the "New Custom Report" button to continue. Enter a title for your report and add the required metrics like page views, visits, bounce rate, session duration, etc.

google analytics tracking author "width =" 769 "height =" 414 "srcset =" 769w , 300w, 2019/12 / author-tracking-google-analytics-600x323.png 600w "tama =" "m ="

Choose the “Author” custom dimension in the Dimension Breakdown section. Save Changes. The configuration mentioned above (check the last image) is useful for creating reports with the number of page views and the duration of the session for each author.

Want to see the author fields of all your popular posts in Google Analytics?

Visit Behavior from the left panel, then Site Content and All Pages to control your traffic by page, title, country, browser, and many other dimensions.

Click "Secondary Dimension" to open the drop-down box and select "Author" under Custom Dimensions to see popular pages on your site along with their authors and other regular metrics.

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Tracking authors in WordPress

Open Insights> Reports in WordPress to get detailed Analytics reports on their authors and content.

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It will display the most popular authors on your website, sorted by the number of sessions or clicks on your posts based on the Custom Dimension setting in Google Analytics. Use this data to pay author incentives or promote content that will help you divert more traffic to them. Similarly, you can also find popular categories, tags, and post types on the site.

MonsterInsights is a great tool for publishers, e-commerce portals, and other websites to increase traffic and revenue. It will also help you identify which type of posts work best for you and which channels divert traffic to them. Therefore, you can write better content and prepare effective marketing strategies to attract more visits or customers to the pages.

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Click here to buy MonsterInsights and start following your audience in every way

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