How to set up roaming on Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones

by Kelvin
configurar роуминг сяоми

Roaming has changed radically recently, which allows us travel Europe much quieter and less hassle with the telephone companies. Although before traveling with our Xiaomi mobiles, we must know that there are some steps that we must follow in order to avoid surprises when we reach our destination and we have no connection.

Among the many MIUI options for Xiaomi and Redman mobile , this is one of the most important moments in our trips. We will explain everything you have to do step by step in order to prepare your mobile phone for the next trips, regardless of the price range or version of the Xiaomi personalization level, since the steps in all of them are very similar. However, we must not forget that we may be using Wi-Fi from public places or places of residence during our trip, where we could also have problems with WiFi on Xiaomi phones.



Prepare your Xiaomi mobile phone for roaming

First of all, the first thing we need to do is go to the phone settings and look for the “SIM cards and mobile networks” section. In this section we will find everything you need, but most importantly, to click on “International roaming” because this is a section that will allow us to use our mobile phone even if it is not located in the same region that we have selected.

configurar roaming xiaomi

In this section we will change the option “Never” to “Always” avoiding roaming issues in Xiaomi. A few years ago, when Xiaomi phones were not officially sold in Spain, it was often the same process that had to be done, so if you have a phone that is several years old, it is likely that it is already activated by default.

Still having connectivity issues?

It is likely that despite following the previous steps, our Xiaomi mobile phone continues to experience problems with roaming networks, in which case we can configure the next section even before traveling. We go into settings and look again for the SIM card and mobile networks to touch this time our sim card which appears at the top.

configurar roaming xiaomi 2

In this section we have several options, but the one that interests us is called “Mobile networks”, where later we will activate the option automatic network selection This will allow if our purchase in other countries uses a different one, our mobile phone can use it from the first moment. This does not affect our use in the country of origin in any way, so we recommend that you always activate it even if we do not intend to travel.