How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

by Kelvin
How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

Worried or bored of traditional office suites and online tools? You might not know it, but it’s not complicated to set up a cloud and a cloud office suite on your own server. Here’s how to do it, in ten minutes flat.

You are employed in a company, and you have been working from home for a month. Between two conference calls in your pajamas under the gaze of your delighted cat, you write documents and fill out spreadsheets in the cloud of your box to make them available to your colleagues. Finally, when you say “the cloud of your box”, that is of course a way of speaking.

Because the life of keeping your company’s most sensitive documents warm in locked cabinets and desktop computers is over. All roadmaps, project charts, accounting records are now stored on the servers of a probably Californian giant – Microsoft, Amazon or Google, to name the three biggest players in the sector.

The home interface of OnlyOffice, the solution we will use to set up an office suite in the Cloud.

The expression is now well known: “”. But it is possible in 2020 that this computer will be yours. In other words, data hosted in a space you have control over, while enjoying the versatility of the cloud.

How to install a cloud …

A dark night has fallen. You stealthily exit your home and make your way towards your company’s offices, melting into the shadows. Distances melt away like magic thanks to your superhero energy. Once at the foot of the building, you hook a back door with a hairpin, then go inside.

Like a ghost armed with your smartphone flashlight, you pass through this familiar open space and go to the computer room. In the tangle of cables, you find a nice, unused server. You wake up the beast, flashing and crackling, which luckily runs on Ubuntu Server. Another Linux server operating system, like OpenSUSE or Fedora, could have done the trick.

You glance at your smartphone, open on the OnlyOffice installation page. This Latvia-based startup offers an online office suite to host yourself, on its own servers, with all the tools a business needs. In addition to the subscription offers, OnlyOffice exists in a free version and under the GNU license.

It is this OnlyOffice Community Edition that you are going to set up. It’s not very complicated to set up, you just need a computer, a server and the night as an ally.

You open a terminal in the server and type the command ” wget To download the installation file. It only takes thirty seconds.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

Downloading the installation file.

Normally, OnlyOffice comes with a “Mail Server” associated with a DNS domain name. In other words: it is possible to associate the OnlyOffice services installed on the server with a Web address that employees only have to type in to access the office suite or the CRM tool, for example.

For the sake of your little demonstration, this is not necessary. So you skip this step and directly install: ” bash -ims false “.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

When the terminal asks whether to install with Docker, you must answer “Y” for “yes”.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

The lines that appear during installation.

After typing “Y” to say yes to a few routine questions asked by the terminal, lines in alphanumeric characters scroll across the screen. Then some five minutes later the phrase “” appears. It’s already finished, the server is already configured on its side. Who Said Linux Is Complex?

You let the server run (it is the principle!) And note its IP address, a series of figures such as “” which will allow you to go to the server from any Web browser. You take your laptop out of your bag, connect it to Wi-Fi, and type that IP address into the address bar. OnlyOffice appears.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

Last configuration step.

A panel launches for a last small step of software configuration: you must indicate your language and time zone, choose a password and enter your email address. This allows you to create your administrator account on the server.

Once these last steps have been taken, OnlyOffice is ready to use. A 5-year-old child brought up by a librarian could well have done it for you.

… and run an online business

As an administrator, you can create user profiles and invite other people by sending them an email. They can then go to the server address and identify themselves in OnlyOffice using the password they have defined. The software unites just about all the tools that a small business, or even a larger business, might need.

Starting with the essential triad of the text editor, the spreadsheet and the slides which uses the well-tested codes of a Microsoft Office while allowing collaboration. It should also be noted that the OnlyOffice office suite is capable of reading, modifying and saving in most types of document formats at the moment: docx, xlsx, odt, csv, pdf, etc.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

The spreadsheet …

Documents can easily be stored in folders, associated with projects, or shared with other users. It must be admitted, it is much more elegant than the online solutions currently in use.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

… Word processing…

Among the tools more specific to the business world, we find everything the project manager needs, with Gantt charts and automatically generated reports. Ditto for customer relations, contact management, sales tracking and invoices. It is intuitive to use, even for a neophyte who would work for example in an association.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

… And the slides.

On the communication side, there is no need for Slack: an instant messaging system based on Jabber is integrated, as well as an email client (for which Mail Server must have been installed). The software provides the facility to post internal blog posts, events, and conduct surveys. A calendar function allows you to summarize everything.

How to set up your own office suite in the cloud

The interface where you can view and store your documents.

The free Community Edition version allows you to discover all the functions of the software and supports up to 20 simultaneous connections. OnlyOffice is also available in three Enterprise Edition subscription offers, with technical support included, backup service, and up to 200 simultaneous connections. A number that can be extended beyond 200 depending on the demands and needs of your business.

Your superheroic nighttime getaway is over. All you have to do is wait until dawn and convince your hierarchy to officially adopt OnlyOffice.