How to share a WhatsApp Status in Facebook

by Kelvin
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Last June, the company of Mark Zuckerberg, introduced the possibility that users with the WhatsApp messaging application could share States or Stories directly on the social network Facebook.


It is necessary to have WhatsApp installed and Facebook on the smartphone, be it Android or iOS

Users who want to share their States on both platforms should know that they can do so only from WhatsApp to Facebook, there is no reverse procedure. In addition, the user must have both applications installed on their smartphone, whether they are Android or iOS. In this way, the terminal will detect both apps and WhatsApp can already share the content on the social network. The procedure is the next:

How to share a WhatsApp Status in Facebook

-The user must take a picture or video or write a status through the WhatsApp app. To do this you just have to click on "States". At the top, the User Status appears next to your profile picture. In the right area of ​​that space are represented the icon of a photo camera and a pencil.

Depending on the operating system, the icons will appear at the top or bottom. In the case of Android they appear below and on iOS devices, above. With the first button, users can capture an image or record a clip and share it as if it were a Story of Instagram. The second function allows you to write states where the user can add text on a background to which he can change color.

-When you have written a status or taken a photo or video, you should only Share the State on WhatsApp. Just click on the arrow pointing to the right.

-When the state or Story has shared it, the user must go to the «States» window. In it you can see its uploaded status in the messaging app. Now the icon represented with three points appears that allows the user to display new options. If you click on it, you can see the option «Share on Facebook».

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