How to share a WhatsApp Status in the stories of Facebook

by Kelvin

Do you know that it is already possible share a WhatsApp Status in your stories from Facebook? This is one of the most recent features that WhatsApp has implemented, although you probably didn't know it until now, since it has been added without warning.

Of course, the Instagram Stories yes they could be shared in the stories of Facebook For quite some time now, not the WhatsApp States, although that has now changed, since a small adjustment will now allow it to be done very quickly.


Needless update WhatsApp to have this new feature, but it would be advisable if you see that it does not appear, so enter the respective application stores (App Store or Google Play) to update WhatsApp to the latest version available.

To share your WhatsApp Status in the stories of Facebook you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and create a new state, or also enter any of the ones you created in the last hours. Click on the icon of the three horizontal points that appear next to the state and choose the option “share in Facebook".

Image - How to share a WhatsApp Status in the stories of Facebook

  1. It will instantly open Facebook in the section “share history of Facebook" and all you have to do is press the "share" button at the bottom to publish it on your profile, from there you can also adjust privacy and choose who can see it and who can not.

Image - How to share a WhatsApp Status in the stories of Facebook

  1. Finally click on share.

You can perform these two steps with one or more WhatsApp States, that is, you can choose whether to upload one and not another. Something you should know is that you can share a State created right now, and in this case the option “share in Facebook”Will appear just below.

Image - How to share a WhatsApp Status in the stories of Facebook

The procedure shown corresponds to the version of WhatsApp for iPhone, although for Android the procedure to follow is the same. By the way, that in WhatsApp Web, although you can see the States, they still cannot be shared in this way.

Something curious is that you can share a WhatsApp Status after several hours from its publication, so in the end in Facebook They will be able to see the stories a long time later even after being removed from your WhatsApp profile (24 hours).

It's pretty simple share any a WhatsApp Status through the stories of Facebook, so you save posting on Facebook the same state since from WhatsApp you can share it quickly, so that your contacts from the social network can see what you published on your WhatsApp even if you don't have them in your contacts calendar.

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