How to share any location on WhatsApp

by Kelvin
Foto destacada da localização no WhatsApp

Learn how to share your location on Whatsapp on both the App and the web using Google Maps.

Sharing a location on WhatsApp using an address provided by Google Maps has become an essential practice these days. Whether to warn you, warn someone about your location, or even to confirm the address for people, the feature is really a facilitator for mobility and security.


Many people can and do know that it is possible to share their location on WhatsApp, but few know that there is also the option of sharing other addresses other than what you are currently. Check out our tutorial on how to share any location by Whatsapp with your contacts:

Sending your current location

As far as your current location is concerned, to share it on time on WhatsApp for Android, just open a contact or group chat, click Attach> Location. There will be available the option “Real time location”.

Clicking on “Real time location”, just select the sharing time of your location, with the options of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. The option also allows or not to add comments.

To stop sharing in real time before time runs out, so your contact stops seeing where you are, just click the “Close”, and then confirm your choice by clicking again on “Close”.

To close your location on WhatsApp, just click EndTo close your location on WhatsApp, just click End

Share any location on WhatsApp

To share other locations with a contact or group your location on Whatsapp, you can do similar to the above procedure. However, in the step that becomes available, you can see that there is a search icon at the top of the app. By clicking on it, you can search for other locations and send them by message, as shown in the image below.

So just type in the address you want to share, and then click "Enter" to perform the search. That done, you should see the option with the location searched below, just click it to send the location to your contacts or in a group.

share WhatsApp location with contacts

If you miss the message of your location sent, the app lets you access contact information or group information to see if your location is currently being shared.

If so, a message will appear saying “You are sharing your location in real time”. By clicking on it, the map will appear with the remaining time, and you may still be able to stop sharing your location on Whatsapp clicking on the option “Close”.

Share your location on WhatsApp Web

In WhatsApp Web, sharing your location already works differently. The above steps work only for phones with Android. From your PC, you can only share your location through your own Google Maps.

By accessing the web version of Google Maps, you can search, which will generate a URL, which you can copy from the address bar and paste it into the message to be sent. Some computers, because they are already logged into the account Google, usually show the location of your PC or Notebook, which makes it even easier.

These steps, performed to WhatsApp Web These are also steps that can be followed in the mobile version of the app. If you want to copy the deep link from Google Maps mobile and paste it in Whatsapp, he will share.

By accessing the web version of Google Maps you can search, copy the URL, and paste it into the message to send. By accessing the web version of Google Maps you can search, copy the URL, and paste it into the message to send.

For example, for this search, we searched for the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is linked to:,-118.2717511,17z/data =! 3m2! 4b1! 5s0x80c2c7c75ba24b91: 0xb22ccd0f9a6378f0! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x80c2c7c76a01ef3d: 0xf629c020e23429b5! 8m2! 3d34.0403207! 4d-118.2695

After that, the link in the browser will have the geographic coordinates of this location, as in the previous example (,-MERIDIANO). Just copy the link and send it to anyone in the app, including at WhatsApp Mobile.

It is noteworthy that this feature, like all conversation, is encrypted end to end. This allows users to decide how long they want to share their location on Whatsapp in real time with a contact or in a group.

Have you shared your location on Whatsapp with any friends or family? Leave it in the comments!

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