How to share what you heard the most on Spotify in 2019

by Kelvin
How to share what you heard the most on Spotify in 2019

The options to share your 2019 on Spotify are plenty.

Spotify has already released its Spotify Wrapped 2019, an annual roundup of 100 of the songs, podcasts, and artists you’ve listened to the most since January 1 of this year, which is coming to an end.

But in addition to showing it to you, the streaming Musical also allows you to share it with your friends and followers on social networks and instant messaging services directly from your cell phone. To do so, open the app on your Android or iOS phone and in the home tab (with the icon of the house) you will see an option that says “Discover how your 2019 sounded”.


Click on the app and Spotify will start showing you a kind of stories as the Instagram with the artists you listened to the most, the songs, the playing minutes and also the genres and albums. To be able to share it you must wait for them to finish and in the last one you will see a button that says “Share 2019”.

Pressing there will display various options available both from social networks and Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or messaging services like Telegram, WhatsApp. Choose the network you want and Spotify will automatically generate an image and a link that will take your contacts or followers to a summary with what you have heard the most this year.

In addition to this personalized Spotify Wrapped 2019, the service streaming He also published on December 3 who have been the most listened artists within his platform during the year and for the first time in its history, of the last decade that is about to end.

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